Delayed wages are usually associated with the need to borrow money
and somehow get out of the situation.

But what if money was not paid for several months, the authorities
feeds the 'breakfast', a new job almost impossible to find, and those who
might have something to borrow, no longer exists? According to Goskomstat, the size of neotdannyh
salaries for the month increased by 4, 4%. "We were chased and threatened to break his arms and legs"
In Kharkov, already was a tragedy - from heart failure caused by
depletion, died of technical department employee manual "Gorelectrotrans" Valeri
Zvyagintsev. After that, transport workers went on strike, although they were threatened
dismissal and even repression. After several days of public
transportation in the city was not working, authorities found a way out. No, I did not pay
salary, and banished, literally, driving routes to work. - In
tram depot came to the Director General of the militia - said
"BB" Andrew Ilgen, head of the watchdog group's initiative "break through".
- People pulled the sleeves and pushed into traffic. Simply intimidated:
someone fired, and many have promised to break his arms and legs. On this day
six times at the depot came ambulance. Several staff members were
heart attacks. According to Andrew, the debt so the city authorities
and not repaid. Has been paid salary for August and September in part
2010. Today and tomorrow in all the stores again hold a meeting to create
independent trade union. It has also been filed in the Prosecutor's Office today
also add to it the evidence base: video and audio files. But can
to achieve something in a country where there is a kind of total plot
against those who can not defend themselves? Most indebted to the Donbas
Actually, the situation in Kharkiv - not the only one. The power of Chernigov
can not find the funds to pay 11, 7 million hryvnia salaries. Public Employment
Yalta, may receive their blood (7, 5 million hryvnia) only "under the Christmas tree."
In general, according to official data, the debt on the budget salaries
the country reached 1 billion 340 million hryvnia. So, no money
sitting around a million people. - Unfortunately, a significant portion of budget
will celebrate the New Year without pay. Whatever may be said in the government,
but the situation has not improved. There is no hope and that state employees will pay
time next year - the chairman of the independent trade union
Oleg Vernik. Most local and state authorities Nedodaev residents
Donetsk region - 253, 6 million UAH. In Kharkiv and Luhansk regions - 143, 5
and 116, 4 million USD. In the capital - 131, 4 million ... Here it is, the vaunted "care
about people "and the vaunted" fiscal discipline "in power. And remember, even
in summer they beat their breasts, claiming as make all of delinquent directors
companies pay to the staff and to pay each accruing
salary. Well, the tree is known by its fruit, and a man - on business. You all
still believe in happy future together with steering? Elena Novikova

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