Experiments conducted on mice , gerbils , have confirmed the old hypothesis
that with a certain diet can take a tumble .

Thus, in a scientific journal FASEB Journal Massachusetts Institute of Technology
published the results of a series of experiments which showed that the substances contained
in a variety of foods can enhance cognitive abilities.
One of gerbils were given portions of the substances necessary for healthy functioning
brain membranes. The composition of their diet consisted of choline (in large quantities
present in chicken eggs), uridinmonofosfat (found in sugar beet) and
docosahexaenoic acid (fish oil). Other gerbils were satisfied
the usual diet of laboratory rodents. A few weeks later, scientists tested
intellectual level of both groups of animals. It was found that gerbils,
sitting on a "smart" diet quickly solve proposed problems (eg,
quickly found their way in the maze) than their less conventional counterparts. Under
this experiment, the authors of the experiment made the assumption that in this way
may improve the performance of the human brain. Subject: "poumneniya" by
some food is present in the folklore of many nations. The first experimental
confirmation of this theory were obtained in the late 19th century. However, until now
has not been established food really can help a person

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