Small fruit tart dogwood are good not only in the jam . In fresh
This berry will give you more taste and good

Description dogwood Dogwood - the name of the bush (sometimes a small tree) and
of similar fruits. Dogwood with a very long time cultivated by mankind,
Historians tell of the bones dogwood found more than 5 thousand years ago
excavation of human settlements within the territory of modern
Switzerland. Today, 4 species of dogwood are cultivated in more
parts of Europe (France, Italy, eastern Europe, Ukraine, Moldova,
Russian), in the Caucasus, Central Asia, China, Japan and North America. Fruit
dogwood - small in size, elongated shape (also found fruit
with spherical and pear shape), berries. Outside the berry is covered with smooth
skinned variety of colors (light red, red, dark red,
dark purple and almost black), under which is a juicy sweet-sour
or sweet pulp, hide hard inedible seed. Average weight
one berry is about 2.6 g of which 65-90% is pulp.
Cornel used fresh, as well as dried and pickled. More
this berry is used to make jams, compotes, it is used
as a spice and as a coffee substitute. Ingredients 100g of dogwood dogwood contains:
* Water - 85 g * Protein - 0.9 grams * Carbohydrates - 10.5 g (including mono-and disaccharides
- 9 g) * Dietary fiber (cellulose) - 1.6 g * Organic acids (succinic,
malic, tartaric, citric, gallic) - 2 g * Ash - 0.8 g Vitamins dogwood:
In the pulp dogwood contains significant amounts of vitamin C (up to 55 mg
100 g), P and beta-carotene (plant version of vitamin A). Nutrients
in dogwood * Potassium - 350 mg * Calcium - 55 mg * Magnesium - 26 mg * Sodium -
32 mg * Phosphorus - 33 mg Trace elements in the dogwood: dogwood in the composition are great
amounts of iron salts (up to 4.1 mg per 100 g), sulfur, and zinc. Caloric content
Cornelian cherry dogwood 100 g contains on average about 44 calories. Useful properties
cornel Cornel has a wide range of applications in the treatment and prevention
purposes. Dogwood berries recommended for gout, anemia, hemorrhoids, dysentery,
fever, gastrointestinal diseases, arthritis and skin diseases. Dogwood
has choleretic, diuretic, antiscorbutic, bactericidal antipyretic
and anti-inflammatory action. Included in the dogwood tannins
makes it an excellent astringent that is used in disorders
digestion. As a preventive measure dogwood eaten at risk
mercury vapor poisoning, lead and other toxic substances. Dogwood berries
improve appetite and reduced metabolism in the human body. Also
dogwood fruits are very useful when the disease or the propensity to diabetes,
since it does not increase blood glucose levels and simultaneously increase the enzymatic
activity of the pancreas, helping to digest food. Drinks
and extracts from the berries of dogwood is recommended for gastro-intestinal disorders
and hemorrhages, diseases of the oral cavity. Cornel juice has a strong
toning and invigorating effect. Beware, dogwood! Cornel cornel juice and
not recommended for: * in increased acidity of gastric juice * people
suffering from constipation * use at night, people with high-strung nervous

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