An independent real estate expert Jaroslav Tsukanov told how affect
the real estate market adoption of the Tax Code.

How will the real estate market with changes in the tax code?
Will be difficult to work with a fairly small agencies as well as
in the second quarter all costs spdeshnikov not refer to gross expenditure.
This means that the entire market, but big players are shattered. It turns
they just have to work "and white"? Exactly. They will either have to
take the money and do not be afraid, and this is impermissible big players, they will spoil
and its image, and honestly earned the name. How to change the tax code
impact on private real estate agents? They mainly provide services to natural persons
and private brokers and remain on a single tax or will take money
with another formulation, simply writing off their to other costs. I do not think
in this sector have a major impact novvovedeniya. At some agencies now have
the lion's share of all transactions in the market? There is a situation that most
transactions taking place in the low price segment up to $ 100 - $ 120 000 (about
85% of all transactions). 65% of the transactions closes one agency "Blagovest" well and
the same structure - the "Parklane". Next to them are also quite large
companies, but most of the operations on the real estate market still has
on these two. These two giants can dictate their own rules for the market can
make some changes to deal with changes in the tax code? I
I think they will be pioneers in the creation of schemes to legal entities to optimize
taxation. It will be a fair legal scheme. Which, I do not know
too early to talk about it. The second category - those who work with physical persons,
as I said before, they worked and will work. Another question
who still survive in this situation. Leaders will still harder
due to large operating costs. Because even the content of sites realtor
is very expensive. For the "Parklane", for example, it costs $ 500.
And if the office is not his own, and rented, the figure comes to $ 600.
Now imagine how much the agency should receive the revenue to pay
all their operating costs, pay all the taxes and still make money.
That is, in such a situation to win the one who has no office to rent and own?
Absolutely. From the market may take the company average. Of course it can
stay brand, the owner agency, accountant, and several brokers. Such
companies can survive, but not as a structure of generating income. What they say
experts about the real estate market in 2011? He is still too early to come to life. About
say the rise is it that only the developers, claiming that only the building
deficit. And next year, too, will pass without any changes. As
must change their prices to real estate investment has become attractive?
They should be reduced by approximately 20%. The problem is that developers,
who now lead their own projects, they argued long and expensive. So
they will keep the market, creating a gap and extending old objects.
Otherwise they will lose a lot of money. In such a situation
market will escape the new players who will try to take this
niche. But this is a very long process. How much should be flat to
it was a good demand? The clients their priorities: they are ready to buy
apartment at the area, but cheaper. Therefore, such an apartment and you need to build.
You can also build a 35 meter apartment and sell it at a thousand meters
per square meter. And believe me, these objects will be in excellent
demand. Many analysts are categorical set, saying that the changes
the tax code almost definitely will finish the entire real estate market.
I agree with them. Even the registration of contracts of non-residential property will require
paying taxes, that is, will need to report to the State that you
passed the object in the lease. Also, landlords will try to pass on to the tenant
all of its costs. In a segment of real estate control will also increase.
I understand that now the size of the market in general small? Now compete
not for nothing. Demand is not in any of the segments. Before the crisis, BTI gave out 500
- 700 information, features a day, 600 a month now. Usually, such a fall
volume is a complete extinction of the market.

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