On mobile phones bacteria was more than a toilet seat
On a mobile phone more bacteria than a toilet seat or base

Scientists from the University of Manchester came to putting that on your mobile
phone more bacteria than a toilet seat or bottom of the shoe. In
Among the most dangerous bacteria that live on mobile phones - Staphylococcus
Gold, which is carried by about 20 % of the population . It can cause
a huge range of diseases - from mild skin infections to pneumonia and
meningitis. Also, according to British scientists, no less hazardous to health
are notes , hand dryers , toothbrushes, makeup and purses.
One of the most convenient places for bacteria is the car
since only two percent of drivers are cleaned weekly in their own
machine. Earlier, American scientists from the University of Arizona
bacteriological analysis conducted a surface of the buttons in the elevators and found
that the buttons are about 35 times more bacteria than toilet seat
the average public toilet .

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