Real estate - that's fine. Big money and little risk at all times
attracted scammers.

In fact, the sale of any other object, it will have to somehow physically
pass: from hand to hand, load barrels or to a gas pipe ...
And the building remains in place, only moving bits of paper. And that makes specific
operations with residential and other real estate is so alluring and dangerous. Sad
Adventures in the Czech Republic England Alan Hunt and Eve, the husband and wife from the UK
decided to buy a house in the picturesque Czech town of Cesky Krumlov. They
had been there several times, they really liked it, especially since Eve
Born in Czechoslovakia, but the child she was taken to the UK. Therefore,
as soon as Huntham managed to save enough money, they began negotiations
about buying property at home Eve. It was summer 2009. Spouses
selected solid agency to position itself as "the largest in the
Cesky Krumlov, and one of the largest in South Bohemia. " Communicated, as normal
modern people, the Internet and by phone. Picked up a house, have concluded
agreement, signed all the documents to transfer money (615 thousand euros, about
€ 25 thousand) and heartily rejoiced purchasing real estate in the Czech Republic. One
only a trifle embarrassed by happy customers: even after they have paid
buy a house for some reason remained in the agency's website. In the "sale".
A natural question for the agency simply stopped responding. In order to dispel
the last question, Khanty went to the Czech Republic. They even managed to get to
director of the agency, but that the British success over: director simply
escaped from the guests. I had to communicate with the local police. The Czech authorities have worked
operative: Director found, detained, charged and convicted.
There was only one problem: money. They have a realtor was not there. He
did not have any possessions. So the six years he will serve
completely free of charge. A company is still operating, but it
new director. Son of the old. Weaning and destruction of property, fraud
developers, realtors shamelessness not invented yesterday, and they have their roots
in the deep past. We know as the historical and the literature
sources. Classic experiment in history and folklore is sad that almost
all of the following figures also in the new Russian reality. Raiders
Housing-in-law has condemned the raid in the Ten Commandments of Moses: "Do not
Desire thy neighbor's house ... "- apparently, even in those ancient times, weaning
Real estate has been widespread, or hardly mention of it
included in a basic law. The most annoying thing when raiding, reminiscent of
methods of "black realtors" do power, and similar examples in history
not be counted. The first of these "heroes" was, apparently, the Roman dictator
Sulla (Lucius Cornelius Sulla, 138-78 BC. Oe.) In the I century BC. Oe. hundred
were to carry his enemies in the proscription lists. Got there man
declared outside the law, he began to hunt uniform. A property proskribirovannogo,
first of all his house, went to the treasury. Subsequently, the same way
redistributing property French (several times, the most famous
Varfolomeyeva consequences of the night and the French Revolution), Russian
(Repression of Peter I and Lenin), Chinese and many other nations. In the tale, his pamphlet
Gianni Rodari (Gianni Rodari, 1920-1980) В«Cipollino" described in detail,
how local authorities are taken illegally erected at property accident
Godfather Pumpkins - certainly, this picture is copied from nature. Specific guys
If so the authorities have behaved, the smaller the fraudsters to be ashamed of at all
unbecoming. All, of course, remember the old tale about a housing scam
- The fox took off the corner a rabbit, and subsequently invaded the living space as a whole.
Corrupt policeman and local prosecutors portrayed the powerlessness
In this situation, but the "specific mate" cock, talking to Fox, "on
concepts, "" razrulit "question. Not by chance in a modern transcription of the
Tales in the final home seizes this cock graciously allowing hare
live in the attic. By the way, here is the fox uses another trick - to register
emergency shelter ("The fox was a little hut ice"), then to try to
get a good apartment. It was during this writing, the Moscow City Duma
covered such a loophole, banning the waiting list for free to improve living
conditions in the resettlement of demolition intended to. One of the first
Raiders was a man of Asia Mowgli: with animals he was able to take a whole
countryside, destroying crops previously about her. Although the attackers moved
emotions, rather than selfish calculation, the occupied territories, they still converted
to your liking (demolished homes and allow the jungle to cover this ground.) Developers
Not a tenant in ancient Rome had to pay for his and others' greed
life. The fact that the construction of cheap housing for the poor (Insula)
Contractors unbelievable save on labor and building materials. They built
Insula, apartment buildings of three or more floors, the analogue of "Khrushchev", so
badly that the tenants nearly always died in the rubble. In addition,
owners love to build additional floors without relocation of tenants: a record
This approach was nine-(!) structure - and that in the first centuries of first
Goals! It is easy, by the way, notice that the construction of a modern
Russia is a hair's breadth on the same principles. Cheated depositors One
of the most expensive and ambitious development projects of all time can be
called the Tower of Babel. Unfortunately, investors have remained vnaklade because
Force majeure was very much: the architectural design was angry person
Prime Minister. In this case, no compensation is paid to this
day. Black's most famous black realtors realtor of all time
- Puss in Boots. Cheating weakened, and later killing the owner of a spacious
castle, he gave became derelict property to his overlord, receiving
as a thank you fully human privileges. Registration and registration
Registration of a large number of residents in one tiny area, and the results
Visit of the FMS is easy to recognize in the Russian fairy tale "Teremok". Except
that hint at life quite a complication with the registration contains a
in the above-mentioned stories of the fox with an aggressive melted in the spring
Emergency ice hut. New time: the brilliant appearance of crooks
ordered national laws, it seems, just untied the hands of criminals,
which are relatively fair way to earn good money on
a variety of scams. The terms of these crimes is incredibly broad, so the focus
only on the subject which interests us - the fictitious sale of real estate. Such was the
Eiffel Tower May 15, 1888. It took quite a few years until people
finally believed that she was here to stay. That it can not make out again
and sold for scrap as it is impossible to talk about Russian literature, not naming
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, so it is impossible to talk about real estate scams,
omitting about Victor Lustig (Victor Lustig, 1890-1947) and Nikolai Savin (ca.
1850-1937). Masterpiece - to recycle! In 1925, the unknown fraudster Lustig
came to Paris, read in the newspaper that the Eiffel Tower worn out, and came up
great plan. Posing as a high-ranking officials, he sent a letter
buyers recycled and arranged a meeting. And he succeeded, "vparim" right
to dispose of the tower one of the industrialists. The funny thing is that this diddled
not even the police said. Well, not everyone has the courage to publicly call
like an idiot. Lustig was not a pioneer. Thus, the Brooklyn Bridge in the U.S.
first sold in 1899 (some Peaches O'Dey earned on that $ 200).
Therefore, in the history of our hero went for his audacity: a few years
he again sold the same tower! Only in the last minute second bamboozled
went to the police, and Victor had to flee the country. Later in the States
He was caught on counterfeiting: too small for such a talent swindler.
Revolutionary scale on cornet Nicholas Savin composed many legends and it is difficult
to distinguish truth from fiction. But he certainly was attracted to real estate
and was, pardon the pun, the most prominent black realtor of his time.
It is rumored that in 1917 he managed to sell a visiting American, to a certain ...
Winter Palace. Amateur old wanted to disassemble and move the historic building
him to the United States. Ingenuity Savin characterizes next
detail: when held in the palace guard-transfer money around the Winter
Suddenly the lights went out. Cornet said: "From this moment the electricity bills
you pay for. " Of course, the light turned off so that Americans do not even think
walk on their "property" - or just opened a fraud. World
Lawlessness Among other scams the same plan, we note some of Arthur Ferguson
(Arthur Furguson, 1883-1938), who consistently sell Nelson's Column
Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace in London, and after
move across the Atlantic - the Statue of Liberty and rented out the White House. If
scammers so freely treated with famous buildings (try it, by the way,
to sell to Deripaska Bolshoi Theatre), imagine what kind of chaos going on
market "no names" of real estate! A decent business card and a good
Costume cunning people at all times enough for a tidy sum.
Now the role of such clothes, for which you meet with customers, performing
Internet sites. Very rarely breaking the law in the real estate leads
have the opposite effect when, roughly speaking, the thief left without his pants. Thus,
In 2010, Ukrainian tax authorities have found in the Shevchenko district of Kiev unowned
private house estimated to cost $ 1 2 million to the construction permit
never issued. Who built the house - is unknown. Peculiarities of the National
rieltorstva Strictly speaking, "black realtor" - just a person working
in real estate without a license. However, virtually no wonder black
in all cultures is associated with something bad and scary. Such home-grown
experts at are a bit more than relaxed. The classic way to get an apartment
in 1990 was very simple: to find a single person, or drinker better
senior (if you're lucky - an elderly alcoholic.) To persuade or force the sign
instruments of the will, sell, gift, rent - not even very important. If
can not be - just pick up your passport and take him to the former owner
forest. Next, with your passport at the hands of all procedures are performed in a relatively
BTI modest bribe. Over time, the situation became more civilized,
and the population - more intelligent. So clever that the very nose wipe away any other scams.
Here is one of the many stories about how smart provincials received housing
in Moscow. In March 2006, Muscovite Dmitri returned home - and could not open
the door to his own apartment on the street. Alexis Wild. Unidentified people at
then while he was at work, carved into the front door a new lock. As
found out later, came the family of the Voronezh region - mother, son, daughter.
They presented a contract for the purchase of nine square meters of ВЅ share
apartment, owned half-brother Dmitri Oleg. The transaction was recorded
at Companies House. Oleg allegedly sent to Dmitry, who had a pre-emptive
the right to purchase, a notice in the mail and not receiving any
answer, washed his hands and sold the Voronezh area trio. Live in their own
bast cabin with three strangers unbearable, "visitor" once ran
Dmitri with a knife ... The courts are the fifth year, the end-edge is not visible. It is in connection
with a splash of fraud the Western world gradually came to this notion,
as an institution of the title. It is mandatory to maintain the State registration
of the transition and any rights to any property, and checking
those rights - an indispensable attribute of any transaction. Responsible for the accuracy of the title
notary or attorney (depending on national legislation)
and meets the personal property. Thus, in the classical
West buying second homes safe. As for the "new Europe", the
here, as we see, things are a bit worse. True, the compliance unit
"Safety" and there are virtually guaranteed success
transaction. For each customer - their approach, however, naive people of the civilized
of a no-no and yes fall for scams. Characteristically, the Eastern
cheats on behave differently with buyers from Russia and the West. From the very
fact that the sale of Russians cheat less often - not that we have a reputation to so
joke. And why do it when you can just set the Russian double
price? But tight-fisted, but the spineless British and the French just more convenient
throw. As happened with the Hunt. Buy an apartment and survive 1. Learn
Seller perhaps more! We, fortunately, is the Internet, where they write
offended people. No matter how many in a network of white and black PR, certain
- Albeit not definitive - the conclusions do still possible. 2. Do not buy
without recommendation countrymen. Never. Real estate markets in Europe
well developed, and you certainly will not be the first. Certainly in the selected
your town have one of your fellow citizens to buy housing. Do not be lazy
search and ask. 3. Do not keep a case without the assistance of lawyers, even if
it will fly a lot of money. And it is important to remember that the local lawyer is not always
reliable, especially when it comes to Greece, Cyprus, South Italy. Best
found on the home of a man who specializes in such transactions with
that particular state. In Russia, easy to find a lawyer capable of
perfectly legal support to the transaction in the selected
country. All the more surprising that this did not Khanty in Britain. 4.
And the stories of Alan and Eva Hunt was a happy ending. Their adult children scraped together the money
and yet the parents have bought a house in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, not so easy
and beautiful as the one who liked the parents in the summer of 2009 ... Do not decide
issues remotely. Internet - it's wonderful and amazing, but it is better
talk with the seller in the eye, look at the town hall, the prefecture or
another local authority. And keep in touch with officials in the absence of
Seller can learn a lot about him interesting. 5. Make sure to
independent examination of documents. The Independent - this does not mean the one that
you have a good seller. Look for expert office themselves. Better in the other
region of the country. If you are unable to provide experts to the original, send
even copies (personally verified with the originals) on them at times can also be done
many interesting conclusions. 6. And do not pontov: fingers fanning out in gold
all possible places and, most importantly, the euro in suitcases. It is clear that Europe
- Not Russia, but there is much more dangerous Cash Bank Transfer
in every sense: from the personal safety of those present to future proof
of the transfer of money. 7. Of course, bank transfer - not a panacea, as
we learned in Hunt. And although the manner of Russians in Public Housing
send money through the banking shocks foreigners cell, they act
essentially similar - and very effective - the principle. It is called the score
escrow. The buyer transfers the money to this account at the conclusion of the contract,
but the seller can get them only on the performance of all obligations. Account
escrow by a trusted third party controls - a bank or lawyer.
Such service is worth an average of € 700-1000. The material was prepared jointly
with the project Tranio.Ru

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