September 23 Peter and Paul . On this day in Russia celebrated a holiday Fall
Peter - Paul Fieldfare . From that day began to gather a mountain ash , which became
sweeter after the first morning performances .

Collecting the rowan berries were supposed to leave part of the tree for the birds. Great
Rowan was considered to yield a frosty winter. Rowan tree is often called bitter and
not only for the taste of purple berries. One legend says that they lived
once on the white light of a boy and a girl. And they loved each other so much,
Nothing and no one could separate them, nor the exorbitant wealth, or slander,
no betrayal of friends. But once the boy was attacked and killed a vile enemy directly
at the feet of his beloved. The girl turned in desperation to God with a single
pleading that he not left them. And God took pity on the lovers, making
Woman in mountain ash. Since then she swings at the grave of a loved one, and mature in autumn
its red berries - a symbol of bloodshed and mutual undying love. Rowan
Common - Sorbus aucuparia - a deciduous tree, shrub, rarely from
Rosaceae family. The root system is close to the ash surface
soil. Straight trunk covered with smooth gray bark and reaches a height of
20 meters. Young branches very fluffy ash. Leaves are oblong,
imparipinnate, usually consist of 11-19 leaves, with sharp teeth
at the edges of the spring leaves pubescent below, later glabrous. White or
pinkish flowers clustered in dense inflorescences umbels 10-11cm in diameter. Blossoms
Rowan in May - June. In a lot of ash colors of nectar. Fruit - juicy, globular
Apples purple or orange-red fruit ripens in September. After
first frost fruits of mountain ash lose bitterness and astringency, and become
sweet. For therapeutic purposes, in the spring during the flowering flowers harvested ash.
Fruits are mature, collected in September. In fruits of mountain ash contains:
vitamins C, D, E, carotene, folic, malic acid, citric acid, essential
oil, bitter. nitrogen, and tannins, sugars, pigments, alcohol
sorbitol, antibacterial substances. The leaves of ash very rich in vitamin
With up to 80-84mg%. Rowan in Russia has long been considered a valuable medicinal plant.
- It is used for Ryabinovoye wine and drank it to cure many
disease, the evil eye, damage, neurosis, exhaustion. - And for various diseases
ill thrice climb through the chopped in half and connected on the edges
rowan tree or shrub through Ash. - Berries are eaten mountain ash to
protect themselves from scurvy, anemia, anemia. - They are administered in diseases
kidney, liver, diabetes, disorders of the gastrointestinal
tract, hypertension, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids. - If a pregnant woman
eating rowan berries, then it is no toxicity. - Decoction of flowers rowan People
Medicine is prescribed for diseases of the thyroid gland, liver, colds,
cough, hemorrhoids, female diseases. - Juice ash improves circulation,
lowers blood cholesterol levels and strengthens the capillaries. - In violation of
menstrual cycle, with menopause take a tincture of the fruits of mountain ash.
250 gr. fruit sugar and 1 liter of vodka, insist 2 weeks in a dark place.
Strain, take 30 drops 3 times daily before meals. Rowan is not recommended
have elevated blood clotting and a tendency to thrombosis. In the kitchen
of ash make tinctures, jam, jellies, marmalades and prepared stuffing
for pies. In cosmetics, rowan successfully used another old Russian beauty.
- To cleanse the skin. To 2 tablespoons. spoons mountain ash fill up so much juice
wheat flour to a thick creamy substance. Apply
on your face for 15 minutes. Remove the cloth, then wash with warm water, rinse
face with cool, best mineral water without gas, and not wipe. - Mask
for oily skin aging. Squeeze juice of ash - 2 tbsp. spoon, add
A fluffy chicken protein. If your skin is sensitive, then take 1st. of juice
and 1st. spoon of water. Soak gauze composition and applied to the face 2 times
week for 15 minutes. Wash off with water at room temperature. The course of 15 masks. -
To narrow the blood vessels. Squeeze the juice of mountain ash, mixed with water 1:1, pour into molds
for ice to put in the freezer. Wipe clean room with advanced
vessels with ice cubes 3-4 times a day. - For mature aging skin. 1
Art. Rowan of juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon
eau de cologne with a spoon. Wipe clean skin morning and evening. - For dry skin.
Mix 1 tbsp. Rowan chopped 1 egg yolk and 1st. Spoon the cream.
Apply to the skin for 15 minutes. Wash off with a swab dipped in the green tea leaves
tea. Apply nourishing cream. - For oily hair rinse after shampooing.
2 tbsp. spoon fruits of mountain ash brew in a thermos with 1 liter of boiled water,
1 hour, drain, rinse your hair. Sorcerers say that if in a vase at the head
put a sprig of mountain ash, with red fruit bunches, love between husband
and his wife will last until the end of the century.

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