General Department of Land Resources KSCA put up for sale at auction
19 land plots with total area of ​​6 ha 5308 . This is stated in the message

Starting price of these 19 areas is 116 108 465 57 hryvnia.
On sale 3 sites in the Dnipro region , 2 - Golosievskyi,
7 - to Desnyanskiy , 3 - Obolonskiy , 3 - and Darnytskyi 1 - Svjatoshynskyi
area. The first auction will take place no earlier than 30 days from the date of publication
Ads ( February 25). Bidding will be conducted every Tuesday at 10:00 am
in the building of a commodity exchange "Kiev agroindustrial exchange". registration
fee of 340 hryvnia. Margin of 20% of the starting
value of the site. Earlier, the chairman of the KCSA Alexander Popov
reported that , starting in March or April , will be resumed auctions
the alienation of communal property and land. The authorities plan to
get the real value of assets and the money be spent on development
City and realizatsiiyu socio -economic programs.

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