Something which, while free space in the bathroom is always a catastrophic
enough. Here we embark on all sorts of tricks , trying to squeeze into the narrow
framework of the space is more a bath , then sink a little wider .

Even in the new apartments with open plan, I met a situation where
increased comfort in a "very personal" space for each family member is obtained
some "undernourished." No wonder that people in a bathroom and toilet
called "convenience"! But it turns out that the owners of new homes, saving madly
expensive living space, save on your own comfort. My mother washed
in the bath tub design photo that bath wash, remember everything. But the fact
and that the bathtub to wash it, somehow overlooked. And absolutely nothing! Therefore
that the person washing tub, bends and takes much more space than when
in this bath is. If you think dabble in a wide bath more pleasant
than in a narrow, then wash it in a small room almost impossible to be rested
ass into the wall or door. Therefore centimeters not a luxury but a necessary and
vital to the health space. Also to save space and
for ease of cleaning "pelvis" in front of the baths often make the hole
Foot. But this can be done only when the front wall
tiled baths, and has a special removable plastic panel.
Toilet in the attic of the most common variant in a private home device
a small closet in the attic room. From the side it seems: like all
placed. Especially if people are guided up the room and not take into account
height, which, after filing the ceiling are even smaller. As a result,
sit on the toilet in the attic closet can be. But the rise is problematic ...
In order not to break into the blood head, compare the height of the pre-need based
growth of family members. Razmahnis, shoulder, For a person could normally
wipe with a towel, standing next to the bathroom (not in itself), is also required
place. To provide for it's easier than to shrink, referring to the warm body
cold condensate at the tiled bathroom walls. The thermostat is not a luxury!
If you are completely abandoned in favor of the bath shower, you should consider
the purchase of a thermostat mixer. Its essence is that it automatically mixes
given you the water temperature. If this simple procedure you are doing manually
then it was overrun with hot water ranging from 20 to 35%! Thermostat mixer
worth more than the usual 80 Ls and above. But the difference will pay for itself! Crane and attachment
For the most part to save water if you can only save total.
One way of special attachment to the crane. The unusual shape of the nozzle helps
that water is a frothy, and even a trickle of Malenko turns
powerful jet. This is especially noticeable in a small water pressure. Sold
these tips in chain stores in the department of economic Drogas details
and stand about 2 Ls. And buying a new faucet or shower head, pay attention
on the package there should be designated saving mode, the letters EC, word ekonom,
Figure-pig piggy bank and so on. Ask seller a specialized
store, which taps and showers the most cost-effective, and then make the final
choice. Click the button to get a result if you bought a toilet with a dual
button on the tank, then did the right thing. Because the use of two minds
modes of small and large discharge of water it is saving water. In the month she
may be no less than 200 liters. And I advise to buy big drain
small tanks in a sink might not be enough, and all have large
two modes of water drainage. Even if only one button, according to instructions
click it differently: there is a full-time and part pressure, left and right, and so
d. Note that the cheapest toilets Russian and Belarusian.
But the savings in this case can only be the "product cost" the same water
they shamelessly pouring. Do not brake with tank! That's what the experiment in my home
Life itself has set. We broke something in the tank. My husband was going to fix
himself. Purchased the repair kit, with a friend a couple of times consulted
A mobile phone for almost half an hour. As a result of something restored, but
Soon another flourish to live long commanded. I had to call a professional.
Master said that nothing we are so tormented monster himself, he now
he buys everything that was necessary, and bring a report back on checks. But the suit brought
along with a check no spare parts, and ... new toilet! And for checks reported. Quickly
all set, and about the old toilet at last said: "And do not throw the toilet,
it you do good with his hands otorvut ... "The toilet, of course, had to throw away.
Only we old carried solemnly to the dump, and then in the second bathroom
tank cover. The master caught the other not only with hands but with his head.
He told us at once bringing a new tank and instantly changed. Flat plastic tank
worth a total of 12 Ls, and by the time the work took just nothing. More than a year
passed with this story, and both the toilet working properly. Only in the second
If all five (!) times cheaper cost.

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