Time-tested recipes with alcohol to help you in this
a difficult struggle for beauty.

Grape wine was popular and respected in Ancient Egypt
and the East, in the ancient world and the Roman Empire. He was not only used
as strong drinks, but also prepared a variety of potions and elixirs.
Modern scientists have proved that fitohemikalii contained in wine - resveratrol
and flavonoids, act as antioxidants and prevent the formation of free
radicals. However, the resveratrol in red wine than in white. France
and Germany have long been aware of the `magic 'properties of wine. There is a very popular
Cosmetics and procedures using a variety of wines. Thus, in the salons
great demand for a bath of wine, masks and peelings from grape seed
and grape oil. These procedures affect not only the beauty but also
health - improve your metabolism, lower cholesterol and wonderful
relieve stress. The world's first vodka, moonshine is even true, was made
only in the Middle Ages in the laboratory of the alchemists, who tried to make a mythical
Sorcerer's Stone. Themselves alchemists called the resulting substance is "living water"
and attributed to him various miraculous properties. Vodka - a basis set
therapeutic drugs, rare lotions and compresses, do not contain
alcohol or vodka. Vodka has antiseptic, preservative and zhirorastvoryayuschimi
properties. Applies, in addition, as a stimulant, astringent
and tightening properties. Used as a solvent oils.
At home, preparations vodka helps to preserve all curative properties
plant and does not deteriorate the fluid. Aqueous extracts of plants kept
too soon, some of the nutrients do not go into the broth
or infusion. Particularly ineffective in this case, broths, because when
heating plants to high temperature split many of the enzymes
unimportant in cosmetology. Therefore, the preparation of extracts of herbs is much
more convenient to just vodka, especially if you want to prepare healing
preparation for the long term. Important! For therapeutic purposes, using purified
40% vodka, but you can also use rubbing alcohol. It should be remembered
that the use of alcohol or vodka or other low-quality consistency
treatment is contraindicated, due to the fact that there are technical
types of alcohol, which even in small amounts can be fatal
poison or cause severe poisoning. Lotions on the basis of vodka - for
preparation to 250 grams of vodka, 2 lemon. Lemons mince
and fill it with vodka. Insist week, strain. Wipe your face 2
times a day. After the procedure rinse with warm water. Systematic
use lotion purifies skin, contraction time, recovery
and nourishment of the skin. It whitens the skin and lightens freckles. The lotion is stored
in the refrigerator. - Take 2 tablespoons of chopped oak bark, and 0, 5
liters of vodka. Vodka warm water bath to a temperature slightly above room temperature.
Pour vodka warm oak bark, pour mixture into a bottle of dark
glass stopper and carefully zakuporte put in a dark cool place
for 2 weeks. Wipe your face 2 times a day. Contributes to enhanced contraction
pores. - You need 100 ml of alcohol camphor and 100 grams of vodka. Mix
alcohol with vodka and shake. Do not use them more often than 1 time per day,
astringent lotion and disinfectant action. Prevents
acne. - To prepare to 1 g of salicylic acid, 2 tablespoons
tablespoons vodka, 4 g of borax, 200 ml of distilled water. Mix all ingredients
in non-metallic container. Daily wipe the skin - it will help reduce
salootdelenie skin and avoid clogging the pores and acne.
- You will need 5 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 4 g of salicylic acid,
100 grams of vodka, 50 ml of camphor spirit, 10 ml of tincture of calendula. Mix
all the ingredients lotion. Suitable for oily skin. Not use
more than 4 times a week. - Take the egg white, 1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon camphor alcohol, 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide,
2 tablespoons vodka. Beat the white with lemon juice, add the camphor
alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in the mixture and top vodka. Everything carefully.
Apply lotion to your skin 2-3 times a day to achieve the whitening effect.
- Several over-ripe cucumbers cut lengthwise and seeds removed with a spoon
with the juice. Cucumber halves mince and combine with juice
and seeds. Then put the resulting mass into a large glass jar, add
the rate of alcohol: 1 part 2 of the mass of alcohol. Keep 3 weeks in the sun
(Top to bottom while the bank will be filled with oil from the seeds of cucumbers) and pour lotion
in small bottles. Store in a cool place. Face wiped daily
in the morning with a cotton swab moistened with lotion. - We need to take 2 grams of salicylic
acid, 3 g of resorcinol, 10 g of camphor alcohol, 10 g glycerol, 5 ml of vitamin
A, 100 grams of vodka. Mix all ingredients lotion. Daily wipe the skin.
This lotion, in addition to cleaning properties, nourishes the skin with vitamin A, which
is a potent antioxidant that rejuvenates the skin. - Take 100 grams of vodka,
10 ml of ether, 2 g of resorcinol, 2 g of glycerol. Dissolve in ether, and resorcinol
Add vodka and glycerin. Mix. Daily wipe the skin. This lotion
penetrates deeply into the skin pores, cleaning them and removing the inflammatory processes.
- To prepare the next lotion you need to take 2 tablespoons
spoons of honey, nutmeg and coriander seed, 1 tablespoon cloves
4 tablespoons chopped lemon zest 12 tablespoons vodka, 2
tablespoons geranium flowers present, 1 / 2 teaspoon of turpentine pine. Crush
nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, mix the powder with the lemon zest.
Dissolve the honey in vodka and add the turpentine pine. Then mix the vodka with brandy
geraniums and powders. All carefully swirl. Keep lotion in a carefully
stoppered dark container. Daily wipe the skin. Ideal for acne
skin. - Another recipe for anti-acne lotion. You'll need 2 tablespoons
tablespoons rosemary, 1 / 4 orange with peel, 4 sprigs mint, 1 / 4 cup
vodka, 1 / 2 cup rose water. Grind orange peel with. All
components mix in a tightly sealed bottle and leave for 2-3 days, often
shaking. Daily wipe the skin. Lotion helps to clean contaminated slightly
the skin and prevents acne. - To prepare the lotion, the cupping
inflammatory processes, should take 15 g of talc, 15 g of white clay (kaolin)
20 g of glycerin, 40 grams of vodka, 100 ml of water. Mix the talc and white clay, dilute
water to a mushy state. Then mix the glycerin with vodka and dilute
cooked mush. Everything carefully and shake. Daily
Wipe the skin. Wine Mask - You will need 3 tablespoons of white
wine, 1 / 4 cup sour milk, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Pour
wine in sour milk and a little whisk the entire mass. Then mix it with oatmeal
flour until a semisolid paste. Place the paste between two layers
gauze and apply on face, avoiding the eye area for 15-20 minutes. The mask is not
just make your skin lighter, but also help get rid of freckles and
pigmentation. - To make a mask from acne to take 1 / 3 cup white
wine, 4 tablespoons of grated horseradish, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal
2 teaspoon lemon juice. Mix wine with grated on a fine grater
or minced horseradish. Then pour in lemon juice and vsypte
oat flour. Stir the mixture until smooth. Put pasta
between two layers of gauze and apply on face for 15 minutes. After the mask wash
face with warm water and rinse with cold. Do not more than 1 time per week.
- Oily skin will transform the steam bath with white wine,
It perfectly cleanses the pores and gives skin a fresh, healthy complexion. Caution!
Steam baths for people suffering from couperose contraindicated. Wine Recipes
Nail Polish - You will need 1 / 4 cup red fortified wine, 3 tablespoons
spoon berries of sea buckthorn. Crush berries of sea buckthorn and mix with the wine. Tightly
Close lid and place of the wine press for 4-5 days in the dark
cool place. Apply with a cotton swab of your nails. Do not rinse
and do not wipe it for 40-45 minutes. Perform this procedure again
a day every day for 2 weeks. - The recipe for another bath. Take
1 / 2 cup white wine 5 tablespoons cider vinegar, 4 tablespoons
vegetable oil. All the ingredients are thoroughly stir until you get
homogenous mass. Trays of nails do for 10-15 minutes every other day
within 2 weeks. After a break for 1-2 weeks and repeat the course
treatment. Interesting! Beauticians are applied to the relevant parts of the bodies of their
clients creams made on the basis of fault, or simply rubbing pure red
wine into the skin. Experts say that the mask of red wine is rich in vitamin
E, and it should be applied to the skin immediately after cleansing.

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