Everyone knows that the person is of age to 60-80%
of water . Life itself is due to processes occurring in water and using
water in the body. Water consumption must be constantly replenished. Quality requirements for
drinking water are obvious. Quality is always implied in the main
its purity .

But recently, with the deepening of scientific research to the nanoscale,
detect subtle structural cluster vzaimosochetaniya standard molecular
water, called memory of water. It turned out that they play in human life
much greater role than even the actual chemical composition of water. Although pollution
Water also impair its structure. All now know about genes, how they are defined
all human life. But genes - is the micro-level. But at the nanoscale, the genes themselves
75% water. It also laid the memory of previous generations.
In the long-term cluster structures. Such as water features in areas
where born and lived in the genealogical chain of ancestors. This sample structure
water is for the person's standard of health. Great influence on the
person has a structure in the body is constantly circulating water. It
primarily a cyclic external influences on the resonant infrasound
frequency. This effect of gravity on the moon oscillatory processes crust
around us. That's what caused the lunar course of our biological clock
in 28 days. The water in our body feels it and adjusts
biological rhythms. Even more sensitive to physiological structure of water
processes in the body. What is the structure closer to the laid down from birth,
more easily and more efficiently they operate. The structure of water can affect
different factors, and we must try to reduce their negative side and increase
positive. If possible, avoid negative emotions, and their
especially strangers. Distortion of water structure by negative emotions, chemical,
biological contaminants may even lead to disease. Structuring
water not only affects the functioning of the body and health, but also allows
exercise reasonable activity. How does our memory? If we do something
see, hear, read, or feel that this is an emotional state orders
water molecules in our brain. These clusters have less memory live long
- There is a gradual forgetting. To maintain their structure and
in more stable shape to repeat. So we learn. The knowledge
we often use - are readily available. To remember
something almost forgotten, need to be back in the same emotional state,
it used to be. Everyone can recall such incidents in their lives. Many
Now remember that taught about neurons in the brain, they form an
communications to memorize. But the neurons themselves, as well as genes that are mainly composed of
water. Moreover, there are scientific observations that adipose tissue is close to the tissue
brain composition and water content, and also takes part in learning.
They wrote that bosomed women have better memory and even smarter.
So that our life and activities directly carried out not just
water and structured water with memory. Yes, another water and does not happen.
Take care not just clean but also the structure of water inside and around you!

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