Currently in vogue the practice of adding nutritional supplements to food ( organic
supplements ). This means that the appointment is not necessary
physician participation : its use in doses specified in the instructions
safe for humans.

Unlike drugs, which are designed for short-term use,
Supplements do not create problems for their continued use. One of these biologically
supplements are brewer's yeast. What, in fact, represent
brewer's yeast? This is a microscopic single-celled plant beshlorofillnye
organisms belonging to the class of fungi. Enzymes in yeast,
accelerate the fermentation or oxidation of various organic compounds
mainly carbohydrates. In brewer's yeast cells accumulate a variety of
substances: polysaccharide, glycogen, phosphorus compound volutin (complex
ribonucleic acid, and polyphosphates), fats and lipids (ergosterol provitamin
D). Yeast protein contains all essential amino acids. Yeast cells synthesize
in significant quantities, nucleic acids, purine and pyrimidine
reason, they are also rich in vitamins. Therefore, yeast may be used
as a valuable nutritious food, an additional source of high-value protein
vitamins B and D, minerals. Brewer's yeast is the most important
source of vitamin D. Its content in the yeast reaches from 0 6 to 2% dry
balance. Therefore, yeast is widely used for the vitamin industry
drug production of vitamin D. The composition of fat yeast are palmitic
(75%) and stearic (25%) acid. Appointed by the same yeast inside with
various infectious diseases, furunculosis, diabetes, diseases
skin, gastrointestinal diseases, as well as to disinfect the vagina.
It is established that liquid yeast is a strong activator secretion
gastric glands, improve pancreatic secretion and the secretion of intestinal glands;
improved absorptive capacity of the small intestine. The use of yeast
shown in patients who require increased introduction of full
protein and B vitamins in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
(Peptic ulcer, gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis), lowering the tone of
gastrointestinal tract and suppression of secretion of digestive glands. Improve
motor function of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, yeast may be useful
owners of greasy, oily skin and acne skin: they promote
reduction in the amount of sebum. Can be shown and those who drop out
or do not grow hair. Experts advise to use yeast before
all those people who, for whatever reason, do not eat cereal products
- Cereals and bread (meaning no bread muffins, and the production of flour
grinding). If the problem is chronic, and clearly expressed, the yeast can take
up to six months .. For a course receiving is enough a month or two. There is,
however, some contraindications. This is a kidney disease, gout, hypersensitivity.
There may be an allergic reaction (hives, itching). Generally need
understand that the brewer's yeast - a product of living, and so clever. Before
begin to apply them to understand what the product before you: live yeast
or a so-called extract. The cell wall of living yeast has
sufficiently stable, it is poorly digested in our digestive
tract, and therefore get proteins and vitamins from yeasts such practice
impossible. But perhaps a cell, capable of rapid reproduction
and feed on the sugars, converting them to the effect of fermentation. Live yeast
cells uniquely affect the microflora, so people with any fungal
diseases, those with poor intestinal flora, expressed form of dysbiosis,
the use of yeast is a relative contraindication. By the way,
know this, and women who do not recommend drinking yeast gynecologists: yeast
can trigger thrush. But the impact on the ability of yeast
by weight, the doctors believe that the blame for this is likely a figure of speech
"To grow by leaps and bounds." Fears recover primarily psychological.
If a woman has no endocrine disorders, weight gain is not conducive to yeast
and the metabolism is influenced only positive. In the gut improves digestion
nutrients, especially protein, which means that the body does not require
extra portions of food .. Therefore, yeast is sometimes even used in programs
normalization of weight, and certainly not to women in their "swollen".
So, in brewer's yeast is likely more "pluses" than "cons".

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