Perhaps it loses outwardly strawberries and cherries , but the benefits will
them a hundred points .

Outside 1. Mask of crushed blueberries and sour cream tightens pores, makes skin
face smooth and fresh. 2. Applications of crushed blueberries help fight
eczema and skin rashes. 3. Due to the high content of bioflavonoids,
vitamins C and B blueberries - one of the valuable components of cosmetics against
kuproza. 4. Kerma with bilberry extract normalize the local circulation,
strengthen capillary walls, moisturize the skin 5. Baths of decoction of the leaves
Bilberry reduces sweating of hands and feet due to the high content of tannin
substances. 6. Bilberry extract are often part of the exfoliating means:
it enhances the effect of peeling and makes the skin glow. 7. Essential oil of blueberries
Drugs are often used for the lips, it nourishes and moisturizes well. 8.
In diseases of the gums and mouth rinse your mouth with good fresh juice
or broth blueberries. 9. Compressors of several squashed berries will remove swelling
under the eyes. The main thing - do not keep it long, so was drowned in the skin. From the inside
1. Blue pigment of blueberries has a bactericidal action, so this berry
useful in intestinal disorders. 2. Scientists put the blueberries on top
place in the top ten most effective antieydzh products (anti-aging products).
3. 100 g of berries up for the daily requirement for vitamin C, magnesium, carotene,
iron and manganese. 4. 100 g of blueberries is only 40 calories. 5. Only 50 g of fresh
fruit a day is enough to prevent anemia. Copper, which is contained
in blueberries helps to better understand prostate. 6. Bioflavonoids strengthen bilberry
retina and improve visual acuity. 7. Blueberries effectively lowers
sugar in the blood. 8. This berry is indispensable qn fitness fans, because
reduces the oxidative processes in muscle. 9 Bilberry helps to quickly remove
toxins and heavy metals.

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