Once everyone , no matter what he does , is faced with
problem of arrangement of the dwelling , creating an interior. It is not any ,
understand why , can not afford to turn to professional designers.
What have direct interior with their own hands .

Man, far from it, it would seem that a simple repair of apartments
work: painted floors, pasted wallpaper, furniture - in the corners, in general, for a couple of cases
days. But while dealing in the field of interior design, home decoration occurs
many questions: What furnishings will be needed? How many of these items
required? How can they deliver? Where better to work, dine, relax? Often
correct answers to these questions are found by various trial and error,
delaying repair of an apartment for months. If you are dissatisfied with this situation
cases, you can either hire a designer or architect for the n-th number of euro
or read through the article to the end and arrange repair of an apartment, not allowing
the mistakes of others. So, to plan and design the interior design of apartments
needs to be done so that the housing like for people living in it.
Should be guided by basic rules of design: Rule number 1: Maximizing
functionality. That is all in the house, from door and front door
finishing with coffee table and a picture on the wall should be possible to work
on the host, be appropriate. Therefore, build apartment design
is such that it was convenient to do something for which it is intended.
Here are some "standard" function, which is necessary to think first
place: - Storage of items - Running a training or professional
work, work on hobbies - hygiene - Cooking
and eating - Parenting and Child Care - Rest - Sleep - Communication,
exchange of information. Rule number two: First - functionality, and then - aesthetics.
Therefore, in your home should not be all attractive
to look at, but impractical, uncomfortable, unnecessary. For example, if you are in my office
plan to carry out various chemical experiments, or to paint with oil,
then the interior design office should not be venturing installation of expensive coating
floor, as if it did not look great there. Or, for example, if
conducting repairs bathroom in a small apartment, to mount an expensive huge
bath with Jacuzzi, and instead of sink, due to lack of space, set
washing machine, then in the morning will need to brush your teeth or in the kitchen
or standing down in this very bath that you will agree, is not very convenient.
This rule still applies even to such things as paintings, vases, sculptures
and other works of art. They are without practical application, capable of
satisfy the aesthetic needs of man, to make a highlight in the interior
or smooth over its shortcomings. Rule number 3: Parameters of things have to match
parameters of the home. Successful design houses will depend not only on the level of
its functionality, but also on technical parameters, such as character
and the degree of illumination, the overall size of the house, size of premises, security
on climatic conditions. And in the regeneration areas should not be forgotten
their functionality and aesthetics indirectly depend on these
factors and influence each other. For example, a beautiful and comfortable sofa will
unprofitable to look in the room where it occupies half the space. Described
rules remain the basis of registration of design apartment, and if they correctly
apply, the comfortable and cozy accommodation you provided.

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