For any man of his house - is, above all , a place where he was comfortable
where he can relax, rest , or, conversely , to focus

House - a place where he always wants to go back where he feels
protected, where he was waiting for the warmth and comfort. No wonder they say: my house - my fortress.
But there is another stereotype expression, like build a house, so it and zazhivesh.
Far from being the ultimate role in setting up home is an art form
internal space. The question of how to create space at home, the problem
not only technical but also more aesthetic. At present, the interior
there are many companies and design studios, which are engaged
interior design, but design - is a matter of taste, and unscrupulous companies,
breaking the law on consumer protection, can not only improve, but
even damage the personality of your home. That is why, making for a
interior of his home, in the first place should be guided by their own
desires and preferences. Therefore, if the soul is drawn to quiet classical
interior, do not follow trends and create newfangled in the living room
spacecraft in the high-tech style and cuisine to make a good example
lifestyles of the 19th century. Stopping your choice on a certain style, it is important
do not make a mistake, otherwise it may happen that the layout of the apartment will be
not easy, but the details - wallpaper, furniture, rugs, which are so loved
you individually - put together, not complementary, and contradictory
other. In the interior of your home must be traced the general line,
and which creates an image - style assigned. More recently, an apartment off with
and heralded not what we would like, but that could "get."
Now the situation has changed dramatically: the problem of "find" was replaced by the problem
"Select". A wide range of materials, new technologies trim
variety of furniture and furnishings provide a virtually unlimited
opportunities. How to understand this diversity and how to decide what style
equip your home? Classicism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, minimalism, hi-tech,
kitsch, ethnic, country - it is not a complete list of styles, the existing
in modern interior design and architecture. There is no universal advice,
how to make your apartment cozy and comfortable, because under the comfort
each involves their own. Therefore, only you know how to look
apartment, you can love. And it is extremely important. After all,
that need to be behind him, to feel life calmly and confidently,
- Warm and loved the house, which is always ready to welcome you in their walls and
to warm the soul.

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