How to choose the right hand cream : what you should pay attention to?

Today, manufacturers of cosmetics products offer a wide
spectrum. In particular, hand creams are not only nourish, moisturize,
tone the skin, but also to eliminate swelling, have antifungal, anti-
bactericidal action, normalizes blood circulation, improve microcirculation
skin. How not to make mistakes and pick up the cream that works best for your skin?
Usefulness of the cream for your skin is not so much with its price, how much
with its constituent components. To get started you will be examined, from which the cream
is. To do this, read the label. The basis of hand creams
most often are: ♦ Glycerin - softens and moisturizes the skin; ♦
Lanolin - effectively softens very dry and rough skin; ♦ Plant
and animal fats - form a thin film of repellent, enveloping
the skin and protects it from the external environment; ♦ Extracts of medicinal
herbs - eliminate inflammation, heal minor cracks, restore
protective functions of the skin (depending on the plant); ♦
Moisturizing oils (avocado, cocoa, tea tree oil, etc.) - have
bactericidal and antiseptic effect, moisturise and nourish the skin; ♦
Vitamins - protect the skin from stress factors, contribute to enhanced
own protective skin functions; ♦ Elastin and collagen - restore
elasticity of the skin and its elasticity, prevent aging. In addition,
choose a cream based, from skin type: dry, normal or sensitive.
Remember also that any type of skin can be sensitive (so
you something about it is better to know!). On the back of the hands of virtually no greasy
glands, so easy, choose a cream for dry skin, even if you have it
normal - too much power in the hands of your skin does not hurt. To protect from the sun
Use special creams and lotions with UV filters. However, you should always
remember that cream can not be restricted, no matter how miraculous
he was not. Personal care should always be complex (healthy
life, regular good nutrition, vitamins, body hygiene.) Council for
winter: Do not put the cream on the skin just before going to the street
- It contains water can form ice crystals.

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