Put the top window , and heat-saving windows were installed
topsy-turvy , with some glass coated with a heat proved to be
from the street, while others - from the apartment. How should it be right?
Or location of the glass ( top ) does not affect heat loss ?

Yuri, Novokuznetsk. Top-coating on the glass unit should be within an apartment.
It freely passes solar short-wave energy in the room in
the same time reflects the long-wave thermal radiation, for example, by heating
devices inside the room, not letting him go outside. Contact a Service
service installation company. [Http://kp.ru/f/4/image/44/99/399944.jpg]
When asked about the plastic windows meet our consultant Victor Yakovenko
director of retail sales, "the CBF." Prompt,
are there now in the company of attractive offers? We want to establish immediately
Three windows, can count on a discount? Valentina, Kemerovo.
April 30, 2011. CBF in the company of a special offer: if
order three boxes "Nordmaster" "turn key" with the installation of an apartment -
the third window you will get a gift! More details about the action you can tell
managers. In addition, during the month of CBF in all
pensioners and regular customers will receive an additional discount! Going
install a window, phoned a few companies. Noticed that the window of
6-chamber profile for a company less the same window of the 4-chamber
in the other! It's just greed or for obvious reasons? Family Nikitin,
Novokuznetsk. During the economic crisis in the market, a host of
cheap window profiles economy class. In pursuit of low prices, many
companies began to abandon the quality and profile systems go
to lower cost, using the fact that most customers do not understand
in the technical intricacies. For example: a 4-chamber profile German
veka [http://dobrivikna.com.ua/82/85/] (of this profile are made
windows in the company CBF) has a thickness of 3 mm outer wall, at the time, as
budget profile systems, even a 6-chamber, the thickness of the outer
wall 2-2, 5 mm. Accordingly, the 4-chamber profile VEKA greater than 6-chamber
profiles of economy class on thermal and sound insulation.

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