If you're ambushed a cold or flu , which is especially important in cold
winter weather, some medicines were not overcome . body
should be useful to provide quality food. What products
should be consumed with these diseases ?

If the disease is difficult, be sure to cook dishes from red
meat, because it is - the main source of zinc, with a deficiency in the body which
sharply reduced immunity. In addition, meat is best absorbed
protein, which is necessary for the functioning of the immune system. Healing
properties of chicken soup known to all. First, it is a source of protein and
B vitamins, regulates internal body systems. Second,
warm broth acts as a heater to the mucous membrane of nose and throat.
Third, the broth does not require additional resources of the body to digest
food, since it is easy to digest. For side dishes and some dishes are best
use oats, buckwheat or rice porridge, containing a large number
carbohydrates needed for energy production. Need to drink as much as possible
more fluid. It is best to drink cranberry or cowberry fruit drinks,
warm tea with lemon and honey, which contains high amounts of vitamins
and minerals, as well as infusion or decoction of rose hips, which is considerably
strengthens the immune system and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Besides, the dog-rose
contains a lot of vitamin C: eight times more than oranges and
12 times more than the lemon.

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