We hear a lot about that when taking certain medications should try
not to disturb the stomach microflora . And that generally is
this microflora , and whether our stomach bacteria ?

It is known that the intestines of healthy people is a "haven" for 700
various species of microorganisms. The vast majority of them, namely 99%
- It's beneficial bacteria. The remaining percentage belongs to the pathogenic
microflora. It usually refers to staphylococci, fungi, E. coli
etc. If their development conditions are favorable, they
will vigorously develop, destroying the beneficial species of bacteria and provoked
various diseases. In that case, why the good bacteria? A
in order to increase the activity of the gastrointestinal tract fermentation. This entails
normalization of metabolism, proteolysis, a complete assimilation of mineral
vitamins, etc. In addition, the microflora of the colon contributes to
maintain water and mineral balance in the body. Especially in this
plan should identify bifidobacteria, which are not associated with disease
Gastrointestinal tract. Quite the contrary - these bacteria are limited reproduction of harmful microorganisms
Salmonella and Shigella. In addition, bifidobacteria help develop
vitamin B group, which includes thiamine, biotin, balamin, etc. If
try to understand the beneficial properties and characteristics of bifidobacteria
it becomes clear why most nutritionists advise to use more
natural products based on sour milk, which contains these and
bacteria. Also full of this type of bacteria and breast milk
therefore rightly considered that feeding children breast milk
very good for their health and protect them from dysbiosis and decrease
immunity. Speaking of lactobacilli, they "live" in a variety of
parts of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in the oral cavity, esophagus and rectum. The main objective
lactobacilli is reduced to protect the body. These bacteria produce antibiotics
natural origin, which can suppress the development of putrefactive
microflora, etc. In addition, this type of bacteria prevents the development of
colon cancer and breast cancer, they strengthen the immune system and is accompanied
absorption of iron and calcium. Meanwhile, if the number of lactobacilli will
uncontrollably grow, it could be dangerous for the organism,
because in this case, they can cause fungal infections of the skin and

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