High-quality and expensive thing , as a noble wine , with age becomes
only better. This philosophy forms the basis of the concept of "vintage" .

It is no coincidence the name is borrowed from the vocabulary of Sommeliers, is a synonym
long-term exposure and exquisite bouquet. In the language of the podium -
plaque luxurious old-fashioned, but in the case of the interior - a unique and
an authentic charm. If only a few years ago, vintage cautiously looked around,
trying on their positions and "shoots" only in the medium trendy
Bohemian, in recent years, entering from the higher spheres of life
it is the earth, and even devoid of color philistinism, he became
in a completely legal for. Or philosophy. But soon the atmosphere. Or mood
- You can call whatever you like. However, why flirt, Vintage managed to acquire
theoretical base, has found a coherent historical background, many had grown
fans and followers - in short, has led to aesthetic insanity
which is in the air, but could not be classified. Vintage has
clear framework, boundaries and landmarks - it is rather a way of life, when every
chooses for himself the closest thing the era and style. Glamour with a history of
Vintage: The Legend of interior If you look around, without a magnifying tube
it becomes clear that in today's environment, manufacturers, expensive segment
any area, dominated by a trend that can be called "retro"
or a retrospective of memorable than the twentieth century. Take, for example,
furniture. Famous brands offer fabulous prices chests touch
controlled drawers that open from one glance. And yet
at least in form, they are painfully reminiscent of a minimalist setting of 1960.
Another example. "Jaguar", "Maybach", "Bentley" or the "Rolls Royce" - Stunning
ever, in recent times more and a hell of retrostilny. On the fashion runways
Gucci fills two decades ago. And for the actual photography technique
sepia. Coincidence? Whatever you like. Someone will say: "Art Crisis, remember
as once on the verge of XIX and XX-th, decadence and decadent, amazing
nice, but it already was, it was ... "And someone else," Rebirth, turn
from the same and as two peas similar to that which lies on a nearby
shelves in the boutique across the street to the individual and memorable, with the explicit
expressiveness and copyrights beginning. As it did before. " Vintage as
times and became so successful term that defined the value of old things
a new reality, without pretensions towards fetish, and it is culturally
- At the level of philosophy. Well, both positions have their
and each of you can argue long. But not interesting I see what
is vintage, from a practical point of view? A vintage - is, for example, the old
chair in the bedroom, which is well fit in an environment of modern classics,
or a card table with carved legs, which would be a spectacular element in the
interior room. This is somewhat worn, with golden spines folios
on a bookshelf, a kerosene lamp or a samovar in the kitchen, an old rug hand
of the sofa. Or just a picture frame made out of old, with peeling
paint board. These and similar curiosities in the room will create a special atmosphere.
Hand-made, or the art of combining Vintage is not a style per se, but rather
this fashion for a combination of old and new, sometimes claiming the status of antiques,
sometimes resembling a real junk and requires immediate intervention.
To create a vintage atmosphere you can use any items that have been
the test of time. Vintage differs from the antique, which is so important
skilful restoration, and the appearance of furniture more valuable than immaculate,
and allows for visual imperfections. Moreover - does not disdain to fix them,
and even the obvious modification. If the furniture has a flaw, it eliminated, but
eliminate defiantly: color, texture, material. Or left in
original form - with all the cracks, scuffed, chipped and holes.
If we have nothing to speak of, like the entourage to create. In contrast,
from those who give the furniture a fresh new look with stain and varnish, supporters
vintage conditions, by contrast, tend to the effect of aging of. In this
sense of vintage - a kind of ideology decorative approach to the design
not only space but also of every thing in it. Vintage focuses.
These are separate items and accessories that add charm and originality of the situation.
Direction offers limitless space for imagination, as his arsenal
is a huge collection of styles, eras and times. The ability to combine and mix
items from different "opera" is now increasingly popular among designers.
This requires not only great knowledge of the market, but
and above all the desire to express individuality and to create an interior,
not like any other. In contrast to the common scheme of interaction
"Architect - client", where the first offers a second interior
based on selection of exclusive finishes and fabulous
price brands (optional safe, the most simple and brings the maximum
dividends), a new. Vintage in this sense is good because it allows
author to use most of the falling objects in sight. In accordance
selected with the planned styling parts and accessories that can stress
mood of the room. A wide spectrum: from bulky wardrobe
cabinet, which by simple techniques and methods into a antique
kind of "family value" to the smallest interior details, including
accessories and decorative accessories. Such magic can be created as
complementing the "retro" with new elements and adding fresh and original
ideas in the long aged thing. A perfect example of a lamp: base
its well preserved and bears the noble patina and a number of features
refers to the era of the 1900s. In short, the beauty thing as good. One problem -
Lampshade: fabric faded, and hardly crawled to complement a new, spick and span,
interior. But this is not a reason to abandon such a luxury accessory!
Just replace the part. At the same time who said that the shade can not
represent a different time, say the era of plastic. What is surprising
combination, the more interesting the more vintage gets artistic
and emphasizes the originality of thought. However, returning to the lamp: Applicable
and a more traditional solution - shade of color or striped textiles
glass, simulating stained glass. Sometimes it is enough just one subject, which
ask style room. For the vintage interior is characterized by the presence of
in an atmosphere of dressers and chests, shelves and cupboards, large dining
Wallpapers and all kinds of shelving units. The color scheme is drawn to natural colors.
If it's bright and saturated color objects, they must necessarily
to be "muted" scuffed or chipped. From trash to the brand's passion
antiquity affected the lifestyle. What earlier in their soul, or income
for the sake of doing identity has now become a fad. In antique shops and on
flea market fans rushed the crowd of rarities. With luck,
and availability of patience and imagination on his return from these voyages can be
decorate the interior, for example, the same lamp with a dragonfly "Tiffany"
whitewashed or covered with netting craquelure "tonetovskim" chair. In the
business, visiting flea markets - employment in a highly entertaining
and informative, not only trains the muscles, but also develops the mind, it's
so interesting - to experiment and invent things returning functionality
and giving them new meaning. Another advantage of the vintage is
that this area can work in almost any style -
from European traditions and ending with all kinds exotic
interpretations. By the way, as opposed to the creation of the same Parisian charm
- Direction, you see, long ago became a timeless and cosmopolitan,
- By chance are so popular today, Oriental motifs. The lucky ones who
picks up pieces of furniture in the famous Saint-Ouen near Porte de Klinyankur
in the capital on the Seine. However, most probably, still has to be satisfied
local market, as well as psevdoantikvariatom brought from summer vacation
and traveling to tropical countries. But all the same room with the likes of the original
parts and accessories look much more aesthetic than a stylistically
seasoned interior created by the usual and ordinary scrap
funds. For the sake of fashion needs of today's manufacturers are actively offer
furniture and accessories "antique", it comes and finishing materials.
Modern technologies allow to wear out almost any product, whether
It is made of wood, metal, stone or glass. Image of the most fashionable and expensive collections
furniture, doors, ceramics, forging an artificial form rust
and bronze with patina patina, chipped glass and stone, worm-eaten array
and other manifestations of advanced age. At a cost of such furniture markedly
inferior to the present antiques. In addition, the artificial old boy - the only
out to those who, for whatever reason, rejected the aesthetics of things from the past
but it tends to antique atmosphere. However, the desired image,
mood and atmosphere can be created with the help of the same wallpaper, wall
panels, ceiling lampshades, textile hangings, and other details ...
single real vintage stuff, successfully purchased at a flea
market or dug into the depths of mezzanines. The main thing - an experiment, because
based on the philosophy of vintage - a collector's approach to the world of material culture.
Fashion fashion, but perhaps there is a love for vintage from nature. Manifested
it all, without exception - from the clothes we wear and the environment
which surround ourselves, and ending with the psychology, behavior, and self-identity
in space. To those who have it, do not need a designer, do not babble
- Feel the ropes. And surely succeed.

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