Down with clutter , get rid of old or unwanted things. Create more
visual space in the rooms , removing all trash kopivshiysya years ,
and keep only what you really need.

Must be as stringent as shabby blankets, and the ancient
non-working radio. Minimum of things - a maximum of pleasure. Down materialism!
Organize frequently used items that are usually strewn all over
room, in groups and put them in baskets or special boxes (in the corner
or so seats), which are readily available and always at hand. Leave
a few empty boxes or shelves to put there new things that
may soon be in your home. Combine the room. Choose one
type of flooring, whether it's flooring, tile, linoleum or carpet:
this will allow the rooms as if poured into one another. Jute, or flooring
Natural fiber (natural-weave) - for people who are not seeking to attract
attention, moreover, it is relatively inexpensive. Pay attention to bloom.
Just about style, or how to decorate your own home without the high vlozheniyIspolzuyte
neutral tones for larger items such as bedspreads interior
and sofas add a bright color with pillows, capes and art objects.
Choose fabric and accessories of various structures, shapes and styles. Make
on the taste of blankets or sheets of various pieces of cloth - it will refresh
and helps you see worn in a new light, dark furniture. Monochromatic
color combinations such as cream and white, ice blue, pale green
and the yellow oil colors create a feeling of purity and simplicity. Spring diet
5 Rules for Home Design Vintage treatment: a legend in the interior instead of repair
change the image! More light. Fill in the space of room accessories
with reflective surfaces such as stainless steel, glass and silver. Redeem
dark shades in white or beige, to a room filled with expanding
space light. Lamps, light fixtures create the illusion of a higher ceiling
covering his eyes and drawing attention to the top. Small coffee tables
with glass surfaces add visual space and create
simple, austere style. Just about style, or how to decorate your own home
without large vlozheniySozdayte sense of space. Mirrors are usually worth
much smaller than the objects of art, visually double the area of ​​the room.
Hang mirrors where they reflect something pleasing the eye, for example,
painting, window or piece of furniture. Do you use a mirror as a headboard
or as the back cover open shelves, in any case it gives the illusion of
larger space. Give the world the way from the street. Remove barriers
type of curtains on the doors and door and window openings. The lighter look
walk around the room and look out through the window, the more and more light will be
sound room. Cheap roller blinds provide a sense of security
from the outside world, while not obscuring the light of day. Just about style,
or how to decorate your own home without the high vlozheniyBudte creative.
"Vintage". Look for unique trinkets at flea markets, sales, neighbors
and in antique stores. A few small figurines or interior
can add individuality and originality to your room without overwhelming
it visually. You can put the dining table chairs are different - one
for each family member. Chairs are often sold separately for more
lower prices than the sets and give the old ("vintadzh") appearance of any room.
Add a bit of yourself. Select a few of his favorite things, whether
then a piece of art, notebooks, photographs, or notes and put them on display.
Resist the temptation to clutter the room a huge number of favorite
you trinkets - replace the old new as they become available. Place in a box
all that you do not want to put in a room at the moment. Just about style,
or how to decorate your own home without the high vlozheniySgruppiruyte thematically.
Small vignettes (vignettes) will help keep things neat and visually
distinguish objects smaller. Black and white photos in simple framework
- Images with clean lines - will suit almost any environment. For a change
paintings or photographs can be leaned against the wall instead of hanging them.
Add fresh. Flowers in a transparent or silver vase will add color
any room. Put them in the wild flowers: daisy, daisies, buttercups

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