Activated charcoal - a black powder , having neither taste nor smell.
This drug is actively used for medical purposes and in other spheres of life.

Get this powder by dry distillation of wood of different species,
For example, poplar, aspen, linden, beech, pine, alder. In addition to receiving
coal and peat are used, these components are heated without access of air
to them. At the end of the activated carbon and subjected to chemical treatment.
As a result, we obtain tablets are very porous structure. Absorbent carbon
enjoyed great popularity in ancient times. In the fifteenth century in Egypt
Charcoal was used as the most effective way to absorb
gases, and later became a tool used for bleaching of sweet syrups.
Russian beauty coal used for teeth whitening. Today
while activated carbon is required for any drug kits.
It is recommended to take in the short and long trips, and some
people take it daily as a preventive measure. Due to the high
absorbency activated charcoal it is used for flatulence
and food poisoning, as it quickly and very effectively removes intoxication.
In addition, this drug is considered a good antidote and absorbs
almost all the toxins and poisons, preventing their further spread.
Activated charcoal is often used in infectious diseases, which
are in severe form, such as typhoid or cholera. He also
"Pulls" the body of heavy metals, on which conventional methods
and can not get rid of cleansing procedures. It has a carbon positive
effects on the body by alcohol poisoning, severe diarrhea, accompanied by
vomiting, and increased acidity of body gastritis. However, most
people use activated charcoal properly. They swallow it like a normal
medicine, and then washing it down with water and wait for the result of a long time. At
poisoning, for example, coal is better pre-dissolve in water to
obtain a homogeneous suspension, which needed a drink. Like any other
medication, activated charcoal has contraindications. If
There are bleeding of unknown origin, activated charcoal to take
impossible. Its also not recommended for gastric and individual

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