The Verkhovna Rada , as expected , made ​​a clarification to the anti-corruption law ,
which was adopted , but was not sent to the President for signature .

Amended, provides that financial transactions are subject to
compulsory financial monitoring if the amount equals or exceeds
UAH 150 thousand . Previously the limit was set at 50 thousand UAH. as reported
UNIAN, chairman of the committee on legal policy Sergei Mishchenko
( BYuT ), outraged by the decision of Parliament. According to the deputy , when the bill
considered on second reading , the chairman of the meeting of Parliament
with voice calls worth 50 thousand UAH, and the deputies voted for the proposal.
For some strange reason there was number 150 000 hryvnia. " Where did they get
these 150 000 , not voting today, these changes, the amendment "- is perplexed
Mishchenko. In his opinion, the parliament's decision - " it's absurd that at all
eliminates the question of declaration of incomes of subjects of corruption
and their families . " Earlier, the People's Deputy Gennady Moskal pointed out that
because of violation of anti-corruption law -making procedures will be without
Labour to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

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