In preparation for the Euro 2012 GAI offers deprive drivers of human
parking tickets .

SAI works to strengthen the accountability of drivers for traffic violations .
In particular , it is proposed to amend legislation to enable deprived
human drivers who parked their vehicles on the pages for the public
transport. This was announced by Head of the Department of STI of MIA of Ukraine Valeriy
Willow . "In the Donetsk and Kiev are already separated into lanes of public
transport. However, we are faced with the problem - the drivers for these bands
parked their vehicles , preventing traffic routing sheet. Therefore, we
plan to amend the Administrative Code, to strengthen accountability
for such violations , up to the deprivation of a driver's license , "- said Lozowy .
According to him, in two other cities hosting Euro 2012 - Kharkov and
Lviv - the creation of individual bands are managed by local authorities and, given the
low domestic discipline of drivers , they can also
face the problem that occurred today in Donetsk and Kyiv.

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