Farm buildings private houses are mainly related to premises
high-risk category , and garages, workshops and boiler to another and
hazardous locations. Therefore, the wiring , they should perform
with regard to security requirements imposed on this category of buildings.

Saunas These areas have higher humidity and operated
at high temperatures. Wiring perform publicly with heat-resistant
copper type RKGM. All conductive parts of equipment must
vanishes. Where possible, the wiring carried out of the steam rooms in the dressing room. In the steam room
use floor lamps with screw-tight windows. If
electric sauna is not a factory production, necessarily
examination. All metal parts garage garage becomes zero, the wiring
make a metal pipe with the vanishing of the mandatory use of insulating
plugs at the outputs of pipes. If the garage floor and walls are made of conductive
material (concrete, earth, tile, etc.), then apply lighting fixtures
closed with a voltage not exceeding 40V, and connect through a step-down outlet
transformer for 12V or 40V. And the body of the transformer, it
core and secondary winding must be necessarily connected to the zero
protective conductor cable. Use cable with copper conductors, the connection
in which the splitter boxes perform soldering, welding or screw
terminals. Electric boilers and greenhouse gas boiler endure
outside the premises. Fixtures for lighting use only explosion-proof
sealed type. If the boiler raboiaet solid fuel, it is possible
implementation of internal wiring in the vanishing of metal pipes using
lighting fixtures semi-hermetic. Sockets connect to low
voltage up to 40V transformer and be semi-hermetic performance.
To install lighting and electrical heating greenhouses
requires special permission Energonadzor. Instruments and controls
endure beyond the greenhouse and in need of electric power supply set
RCD. Facilities for animals, cellar, workshop. Annihilates all the metal
pieces of equipment and buildings. In premises wiring for animals
perform only open way. For them, and to use the cellar
reduced voltage to 12V from the pronounced lowering of the premises
transformer. Fixtures placed tight type. Workshop may
implementation of the wiring in metal pipes with vanishing binding. Outlets
may be energized at 220, but all metal parts must
be neutral earthing. Lights in the shops closed and sealed with metal
enclosing grids.

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