The variety of plumbing fixtures and appliances making our lives
comfortable with the pace of development and water supply has changed,
providing a decent feature all new appliances. quality
work devices with uniform distribution of water provide the installation of water supply
tubes of appropriate diameter and use of the collector system ( for
Each instrument is laid a single pipe ). With this realization, after
installation of water pipes in the water will perekryvat

The pressure in the riser hot and cold water and can vary
increase up to 8 atmospheres. When installing water pipes in the apartment it is important
eliminate the pressure fluctuations in the system. This task will cope well
pressure regulator (regulator), which sets the same pressure
Apartments in the water system. With pressure gauge exhibits optimal
pressure in the water system (3-4 atm). If you are installing expensive
plumbing (especially with hydro-massage showers), a pressure regulator and
fine mesh water filter system must include during installation
water. Increasingly, the water supply system according to the customer is equipped with
schetchikaimi flow. You can mount any counters are made
for the water system, if they are approved for use by State Standard
Russian Federation (which is specified in the certificate or passport instrument). When the pressure
the network is below 0, 5 bar, or you install a towel (like stairs)
at a distance of one meter of water riser, VelBiS recommends
installation of the pump increases pressure, for example by GRUNDFOS (Germany). Value
installation of water supply [] Calculation
the cost of installation of water supply or sewage shall
on the points. Point - a device (or household plumbing) for the normal
operation which requires installation of water pipes (for filling
water) or sewer (drain water). An example of the point: bath, sink, toilet,
washing machine, sink in the kitchen. This is a standard set of points in the model
apartment. Increasingly, in our homes, there are additional points of mounting
Pipe: dishwasher, whirlpool bath, shower, storage
or flow-through water heater, shower, etc. Hygiene Pipe mounting
In today's world water supply installation are most often
plastic pipes, a well-established in various conditions
operation. Typically, the water supply system of plastic pipes, as
and copper, is mounted either open or pipe immure
a wall or floor screed. Although best recognized for the installation of water supply
pipe cross-linked polyethylene and polypropylene pipes, the circle of admirers
copper tubes, which are the everlasting quality, is growing every year.

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