Wood used to build homes for centuries . despite
new fashion trends in construction, home of the wood
do not give ground and in the XXI century .

And it is no wonder, since the wooden walls all year round support oxygen
balance and the level of humidity in the room due to its ability
"Breathe". In addition, the tree - an excellent thermal insulator. And so once again
talk about the brilliant color, picture and flavor of this natural material
do not even have enough ... at least once to visit the house of wood, and
you will feel its magic a unique harmony and comfort. BASIC is important to know
the wood with a moisture content of 15% should be used for upholstery,
outdoor humidity is allowed up to 20%. Flooring is normally a figure
humidity of 15%. Humidity boards used for the manufacture of joinery
products must not exceed 8%. Also do not forget that the fire resistance
wooden structures are much higher than metal. That is, for
In order to construct collapsed, the tree should burn for quite a long
time, but the metal structure is enough to warm up to a certain
degrees. In addition, the estimated lifespan of a wooden house depends on the
environmental impact, and how to handle the material. For example, home
pine, built on wetlands, will stand for 15-20 years. House of
Larch, built in the area is dry enough to survive more than one
generation of owners. MATERIALS most common and relatively modern
materials for the construction of wooden houses - round logs, frame-
construction and timber (solid, shaped, glued). It is made of logs
built dwellings of our ancestors. Today, this stuff is great
raw material to create a much more advanced material. Such as rounded
log. Accuracy of manufacturing cylinder beams, as well as their labeling,
accelerate the process of building a home that saves money on construction.
In addition, the box set of logs is very simple. Aging, round logs
not subject to deformation. But their good looks can not make
additional trim interior and exterior walls. To date, nearly
80% of homes around the world are built on frame technology, which
Canada gave the world. Thanks to a wooden frame can be raised at home
as soon as possible. Prefab construction is made from dry wood
(Moisture content should not exceed 18%) of softwood at least grade II. Consumption
timber in such technology is negligible - 0, 03 ... 0, 05 m3 per m2. Except
addition, construction on frame technology does not require lifting equipment,
assembly is performed manually and requires no special skills, that is highly
workers do not have to hire. It is also important that the house built by the carcass
method can be easily upgraded. To build a wooden house with a huge
successfully used timber. Any form of it is made from coniferous trees
rocks. Timber may have dimensions: 100x100 mm, 100x150 mm and 150x150 mm. Standard
length of the bar - 6m (longer bar for 10-15% more expensive). The simplest
- Solid timber, which is manufactured in the factory of a log, otpilivaya
four edge. A relatively new type of timber - shaped beam.
Its production is thus: the usual bar attached to a strictly
some standard form (profile). The advantage of such boards is
in fact, all products are manufactured on precision machines. And because of the house
bars easily and quickly assembled, and after precipitation of the profiled log
konopatka timber insulation is required, and minimal consumption of insulation.
For the production of laminated veneer lumber most commonly used pine and spruce, rarely
- Larch and cedar. From the carefully processed, selected, collected by
parts of the boards (blades) with special glue timber presses. Number
slats can be from 2 to 5. The maximum thickness of laminated veneer lumber
- 200 mm. Glue the block of special high-water-resistant glue
compounds that do not affect the ability of wood to "breathe." House of laminated
beam differs by a special fire-resistant fire-retardant treatment
derevozaschitnymi means and has a great view.

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