Five gas distribution companies in Ukraine will become the structure of "Gazprom"
and " Itera ". It is reported by "Business" .

According to the newspaper, as "KES-Holding", combining energy assets
"Renova" Viktor Vekselberg, is selling the structures of "Gazprom" and "Itera" gas distribution
network in Russia. By the IES include "Chelyabinskmiskgaz", "Sibirgazservis", "Irkutskoblgaz"
"Kurganoblgaz", "Ural Gas Networks", "SG-Trade", as well as five to GRO
Ukraine. Assets are united under the brand name "GASEKS", they generally serve
more than 4 million customers - individuals and 20, 9000 enterprises.
The main buyers were the structure of "Gazprom" "Gazprom gas distribution"
- This company will buy all the assets, except for "Ural gas pipelines," which
would get the "Itera". Add that AES Corporation of the United States does not exclude the possibility
to participate in the privatization of Ukrainian energy future, to be held
fall. Recall, 30 June, the State Property Fund of Ukraine Alexander Ryabchenko
signed a monthly allocation of shares state-owned energy companies.
According to the schedule in August will be announced tenders for selling 45% stake
"Zapadenergo", 25% of "Kyivenergo" 50% of "Zakarpateoblenergo" and
46% of shares "Cherkassyoblenergo." In September will be announced tenders for the sale of
50% of "Dneproblenergo", 45% of "Krymenergo", and 50% of "Vinnitsaoblenergo."
In October will be announced tenders for the sale of 25% shares of "Dniproenergo," 40%
shares "Donetskoblenergo", 45% of "Chernovtsyoblenergo" and 26% of "Ternopoloblenergo."

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