The Ukrainian economy in 2012 will also be in the ranking of the worst
economies in the world .

The next year Ukraine will also be all in the ranking of countries with
the worst economy, said department head of the Academy of Financial Management
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Sergiy Kulpinsky. According to experts,
This rating is only confirmed that, as in the past still present in
government does not have any new ideas for regulating the economy, stimulate
investment, productivity, and there is only a blind
Copying is not always successful international experience, in particular buying
National Bank of Ukraine government securities, the borrowing of money
on social benefits, privatization, the adoption of the Tax Code, the pension
reform. An expert said that the government's economic policies
completely absent in control monetary policy, since it is not defined
nor any of its main objectives (the exchange rate, inflation, regulation of credit), and
and control over where the money come from and where directed. "Fiscal
policy is primarily focused on tax collection and the search for sources of income
from privatization, but not an incentive, "- said Kulpinsky.
As said Sergei Kulpinsky currently in Ukraine there are no new ideas
concerning tax administration, there is a Ukraine
of the last places, and take several years before results are visible
decision of the Tax Code. "We need a radical measures to improve
investment climate, especially for domestic investors, the regulation
banking sector in lending, insulating the economy from
external funding sources, including the International Monetary
Fund, due to the need to mobilize domestic resources, which
cheaper and not have to Ukraine a number of aggravating conditions, "- said

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