The overall proportion of " junk mail " has already reached 83, 3 % of the traffic

The share of junk mail (spam) e-mail traffic in June 2011
has increased by 0, 4% compared with May 2011, and was 83 3%.
The press service of "Kaspersky Lab". Leader
among the sources of spam again become India. On the territory of the country
were distributed 16, 35% (5%) of all "junk" mail. Ukraine in the ratings
took 10th place. In a world of total share of emails with malicious attachments in the June
e-mail traffic has decreased on days 0, 3% from the previous month and amounted to
3, 8%. The share of phishing emails in the general mail stream, compared with May
unchanged at 0, 02%. The objects of primary interest to the phishers
June was PayPal and eBay. Significantly increased the proportion of phishing attacks on social
Network Habbo (+6, 25%) and Facebook (+4, 07%). In addition, in the near future
Experts predict a rise in interest in social network spammers to Google +.
June was marked by continued active combat spammers. Thus, the company
Microsoft, which failed in March in conjunction with the U.S. secret services to disable
botnet Rustock, plans to prosecute citizens of the Russian
Federation suspected of creating and managing Rustock, including possible
initiation of proceedings under the Russian legal system. At the same time in Japan
through a number of legislative initiatives, the creation, distribution,
purchase and storage of malicious programs, as well as the dissemination of pornographic
Spam is now considered a criminal offense. Spammers have traditionally used
user interest in the events that have broad public
for their own selfish purposes. For example, in June, they offered to users
Free tickets for the sessions of the last Harry Potter film. A lot of
spam was timed to the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, the deceased
June 25, 2009. For example, a number of reports contained "ensatsionnuyu newsВ»
that the King of Pop is not dead, but for the text to follow links to
with the malicious file, which gives the ability to remotely control the infected
computer. As previously reported, in 2010 Ukraine ranked third

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