Why in some homes, we feel comfortable , while others want as quickly as possible
leave? Why do we prefer some space in our apartments
to work, relax and socialize , and often do not match our preferences
with the original purpose of places in our homes?

And finally, why redesign the apartment, new interior, or move
into a new house that make a difference in our lives, for better or for worse? By
Taoist Feng Shui, the reason lies in the nature of flows
favorable energy of the surrounding space, which can both attract
and alienating. According to feng shui, every piece of furniture or item
our homes affects the energy flow circulating in the area,
and correctly using the things around us, we can bring this energy
and sent to the harmonization of certain areas of our lives - health,
family relations, the atmosphere in the house, achievements in work and many others.
The main basics of art such harmonization, and, above all, ways
preservation of peace and quiet in the house, introduces us to Vladimir Baev, astrologer, prophet,
by methods of determining the compatibility of people and the organization of space
in the movie "Feng Shui. The magic of space. " From this training film, we learn
the effect on energy flow interior colors, lighting, mirrors the availability,
sources and the images of water, as well as obtain a set of specific tips
on organization of space. For example, we learn why the board must be
away from the sink in the kitchen - fire and water are conflicting elements,
and their proximity in space generates the energy of destruction and conflict,
and get advice on how to remedy this situation, if you can not make a permutation
- Placed between the wood stove and sink. Vladimir Baev talk about the rules
organization of space in each room: • Hallway: How to Attract a house
flows of energy and neutralize the negative impact of planning deficiencies
hallway (small spaces, sharp corners opposite the entrance, the presence of
next to the hall closet). • Kitchen: how to use three simple rules correctly
arrange this important energy band (as a bad influence to repay Neighborhood
plates and shells choose the correct color of the interior and the location
mirrors); • Bedrooms: how, using 7 rules of harmonization of the space, equip
bedroom so as to obtain maximum relaxation during
sleep, to attract health, affect the sense of master bedroom; • Living Room: Where
necessary to locate places of recreation, how to do lighting, post pictures,
choose interior colors. In addition, the film tells how to calculate their
number of trigrams (the type of energy) and what areas are favorable
and unfavorable for each of the trigrams (eg, for a person with
type of energy is 9 East prosperity and good fortune, and the south-west - the anger and social
problem). In calculating its trigrams, which requires the use of
year of birth, remember that the Chinese calendar year does not begin a
January and February is about. Trusting and respecting the rules of the doctrine of Feng Shui
You can make your home a source of strength and success, and change your life
for the better.

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