In July 2011, foreign exchange earnings from non-residents were larger
remittances to their benefit by almost $ 1 3 billion, report said
National Bank of Ukraine.

"In these conditions in the interbank currency market of Ukraine the supply of foreign
Currency predominantly greater than the demand for it ", - assured the regulator in its
message. At the same time the National Bank said that in the cash market segment was observed
reduction in net demand for foreign cash. The report also notes
that the National Bank of Ukraine for a month to carry out operations
as with the sale and purchase of foreign currency. In July, the negative
balance of foreign exchange intervention control was $ 269 million (equivalent)
and the volume of international reserves during the month increased by 0, 6% - to
$ 37, 8 billion, "That was enough to finance future imports of goods
and service for 4, 6 months, "says the report. During the month
market rate of hryvnia against the U.S. dollar for non-cash transactions decreased
at 0, 18% - 7, 9955 UAH / USD, and for transactions for the sale of dollars
strengthened slightly - to 7, 9989 UAH / USD. The official rate of hryvnia in July
strengthened against the dollar at 0, 01% - 7, 9712 grn / dollar, the euro - on 1, 16%
- Up to 11, 3669 USD / EUR and against the Russian ruble depreciated by
1, 74% - 2, 8891 grn/10 rubles. Recall that the first deputy head of
Administration of the President of Ukraine Iryna Akimova recommends Ukrainians until
refrain from selling foreign currency. As reported, President
The order signed on ensuring the stability of financial system
and minimize the impact on the domestic economy of negative trends in
international financial markets, aimed at stabilizing the economy
in the medium - and long term.

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