About 130 thousand Ukrainians have not yet received state certificate for some reason

From the beginning, citizens' applications issued and granted 22, 4 thousand state
acts instead of certificates. In Ukraine, 6, 91 million citizens have the right to
land share . Of these, 99% were awarded certificates . At the moment, given
6, 32 million of the state acts on the ownership of land.
But so far, more than 62 thousand citizens not issued by a notary legacy
a certificate , documents 40 thousand people are in the process of renewal
rights of inheritance; almost 25, 3 thousand people are unwilling to change certificates
state acts , 2, 1 thousand people have changed their place of residence and left
abroad . Thus , the issuance of state acts to replace certificates
citizens who have expressed a desire to replace them, in fact, been completed.

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