After the introduction of high-speed trains in Ukraine while moving between cities will be reduced significantly , but ticket prices will remain at the highest affordable level. This writes the magazine "Focus".

As the newspaper writes, the next year, before the Euro 2012 championship, on the domestic routes will go high-speed trains produce Hyundai, Skoda and Krukovka Carriages, which, according to railway monopoly, means starting a new system for passenger traffic, as close to European standards. KM presented prospects for rapid movement in Ukraine aim to reduce the time trains on the road and improve safety and passenger comfort. "After the introduction of high-speed traffic, these criteria must be assessed differently - because the new rolling stock involves different standards of service provided to passengers. Service is qualitatively different from the one that was introduced several decades ago," - says the publication. The objectives of raising standards of passenger transport has been put before the country's leadership of KM. Travel Time Express Kyiv-Kharkiv is 3, 5:00 instead of 8:00 today. Distance Kiev-Donetsk will be addressed in 5, 5 hours instead of 12 hours, and Kyiv-Lviv for 4, 5:00 instead of 8:00. With the introduction of high-speed traffic, from Lvov to Donetsk can be reached in half the time - for 10-11 hours, not 20-25 as now. Service in the new trains will be similar to air in the cabin of the stewards will work trains, passengers can surf the Internet on the go and meet with the press. In order to implement high-speed movement of ultrasonic implements a number of activities. In particular, high-speed traffic areas repaired road works on electrification, and where necessary - and the whole package of measures to ensure the safe and smooth cruising at a speed of trains to 160 km / h

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