Chairman of the Board of the National Bank Poroshenko believes that Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said , speaking on Friday on the television, trying to convince people that goes against everything that they see around them.

"When a crisis that is not coming, not threatened, but which is now deployed in Ukraine in full-scale ... I imagine it all, without exception , who sits and listens to the Prime Minister ... Listen , well, or I'm stupid ? Or we in different countries live in? "- said Poroshenko on Saturday night at First National . " Well, the truth , every one of you feels in himself that today living standards have deteriorated. But if I am convinced that we are growing, and I live worse , it means that I would make a fool and I did not trust " - said the head of the NBU Council . Earlier Friday , speaking on the First National , the Ukrainian prime minister said that although 2011 was not easy, but in Ukraine over the past year increased the purchasing power of the population . " When it is difficult , then do not go to museums . Well, or visit them less often . The concerts go lower ... And in 2011, almost three-fold increased spending on museums, concerts ," - said Azarov.

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