The hryvnia could have become a stronghold for Eastern Europe, but most likely, its days are numbered , say analysts currency trading.

They are confident that this year was the year of the yen (and not the hryvnia , as noted by the NBU ) strengthened against all major currencies , and analysts will continue to further strengthen it , despite promises to continue Japan's foreign exchange intervention and the largest debt burden among developed countries. Yield bonds, land of the rising sun makes the second from the bottom, and the volume of government borrowing is twice the size of the economy , but the number of bonds held by foreign investors reached its peak in 2008. "In a time of avoiding the risk of capital preservation is more important than profit, so nizkovolatilnye assets are in demand ," said Masashi Murata, currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in Tokyo . " When business in the U.S. and Europe have gone on recession , the yen has remained the only currency , which had sufficient liquidity to meet the demand of everyone ."

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