In addition to conventional methods of decorating the premises , there are more original options , based on the traditions of individual nations , the so-called Absolutely Africa .

Ethnic style in design does not have rigid boundaries, it only emphasizes the features of home decoration in different countries, and there are enough examples of original and traditional, which is already firmly established in our lives. Among the most popular ethnic styles can be distinguished Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, European, English and others. The interior of each of these examples will be different from each other. So the English style was formed in the island state with a large number of colonies, so the design can be traced design elements of Africa and South America. Conservatism in all, the use of natural materials and bright luxury, expensive woods, fabrics, natural fabrics. Russian Style Russian or a stylized house is more traditional places for our design, the decor is used to achieve craftsmen across the country painted and embroidered towels, handicrafts made of birch bark, Gzhel, steel engraving, samovars, and more. In the Russian style, a clear separation of color, light and high ceilings and dark floors, bright and spacious rooms and plenty of pillows. Similar to the Russian style design in the Ukrainian and Belarusian style, although they are very similar, but detailed study has a large number of differences. All three styles have a very important unifying element is the Orthodox icons, which anciently stood out in the house is the best place. In addition to traditional styles, there are many other, less familiar and risky options, among which the most famous Swiss chalet, Indian, Chinese, African, Arabic and others. Indian style imbued with uncertainty. Each element symbolizes nirvana, calm colors with blue and gold, in the decoration of the images of elephants and monkeys. Chinese style is primarily a high philosophy of Confucianism, austerity residents and festive decorations, a large number of different herbs, spices, strange shapes of furniture and interior design with a predominance of red and yellow colors. African style, in turn, can be decomposed into innumerable sub-species, because the peoples of Africa characterized by religion, lifestyle and views on life, but the style is more suited for people keen on hunting, or inclined to asceticism, highly artistic vases, and various ceremonial masks, simple and convenient furniture, animal heads of the black continent. In some cases, using only the individual elements can seriously change the overall look of the room so the room with blue walls, columns and marble floors can be easily transformed from a classic in the Greek, if it is decorated with black vases with images of Greek gods, and on the table, put the national tea set.

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