The tax on dividends from deposits, which is proposed to introduce from next year , will accumulate 1, 5-2 billion USD revenue, economists estimate .

The proposed 5% rate will not lead to an outflow of deposits as an alternative to deposits in Ukraine there is no tax rate on income from deposits, which is proposed to establish in Ukraine at the level of 5% may not be less than the average rate of income tax. This opinion was expressed Honored Economist of Ukraine, former Economy Minister Viktor Suslov. "The introduction of tax on income from deposits, I support, but not at the level of 5% and 15-17% at the level of income tax," he said. He stressed that the Western practice is commonly used progressive tax system, which takes into account all items of income and the richest are paying the highest taxes. In Ukraine, there is no such. For example, the tax rate by main owner of the business income is less than 15% of the income tax paid by the poorest workers. Why are the wealthiest citizens of the least taxed? "He said. He noted that Ukraine has developed a large rentier class of people who live on income from deposits, including among the deputies who strongly inhibit the introduction of this tax and to provide an adequate rate." In such circumstances, the introduction of a progressive system would be very serious and proper reform in Ukraine, "he said. estimated financial analyst, managing partner at Capital Times Eric Naiman, revenues from the new tax would amount to about 1, 5-2 billion USD annually (at a rate of 5%, which is incorporated in the Tax Code). He stressed that the tax on dividends from deposits normal Western practice, and its introduction in Ukraine of the global repercussions should not be. "Getaway deposits because of the appearance of tax of 5% definitely will not be since the run, essentially, nowhere. Deposits remain attractive and competitive tool, and even if you withdraw money abroad, there is much lower rates, "he says. With the average deposit rate in Ukraine at the level of 16%, 5% decrease in tax revenue equal to the deposit to 15%, experts say . "This reduction does not make one run and collect the money from the bank. Propaganda against the imposition of this tax is nothing more than speech rentiers who are trying to prevent its taxation, "said Viktor Suslov. He noted that, despite the fact that the wealthiest segments of the population have a desire to" tighten their belts are not on themselves but on the poorest "Yet will gradually be moving the tax burden toward those with higher incomes. According Gosstata, in 2011, the salary has not been the main type of income Ukrainians. on it had a total of 41, 7% of total revenues.

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