Russian real estate brokers ranked the countries most attractive for investment in real estate. Significantly worsened its position in France, and Cyprus. Island and at all departed from the top ten list.

International real estate agency Gordon Rock formed ranks countries in terms of the attractiveness of investment in real estate. The first and second place in the ranking, as in previous years, remained in Germany and the UK. According to the agency, in Germany now accounts for more than 25% of investment inquiries, as it was in Germany, Russian investors "can find the optimal combination of low by European standards, the value of real estate, rental income is high enough, the possibility of lending to 70%, and the possibility of Permit with investment of 250 000 euros. " In 2011, the German property market has shown impressive growth in investments. Thus, investment in commercial property there has increased by 39%, the volume of hotel real estate investment by 23% and residential property by 59%. As for the UK, thanks to a unique status in London this country historically a leader in the preferences of Russians in the hotel real estate sector and in the premium segment of the residential real estate market. But being in the last year in third place, France fell back immediately to the sixth position. This decline was explained by experts a sharp decline in lending by French banks to purchase real estate, as well as the fact that international investors are choosing between France and Germany, as the two leading economies of the eurozone, in most cases still do their "Euro-choice" in favor of Germany . Next by France missed the U.S., Switzerland and Austria. Strengthening the position of Switzerland in Gordon Rock relate to the desire of Russian investors to diversify their currency portfolios, and on the other hand, the ability to attract long-term lending in Swiss banks at very low rates of 2, 5% per annum. "The leading position occupied the country, boasting not only a strong economy, but also give Russian investors to diversify their currency risk, invested in real estate in Germany in Euros, UK pounds, U.S. dollars and Swiss franc," commented the president of Ratings Gordon Rock Stanislav Singel. Completing the top ten most attractive countries for investment in real estate Czech Republic, Israel, Italy and Latvia. The sensation rating was falling out of the investment list of Cyprus due to the growth of investment risks, as well as in connection with a significant increase in interest rates when purchasing real estate. Managing real estate investments, the founder of the portal, Igor Indriksons believes that the main problem of the real estate market some of the southern countries is not connected with membership in the euro area (and, consequently, its financial problems), and state-controlled real estate market. As an example he cites Portugal and Spain. "In Portugal, during the period from 1996 to 2006 house price growth has not exceeded 10% (in Germany), whereas in Spain the same house for ten years has risen in price by 110%. Portugal has never experienced a building boom, in contrast to Spain, where the state did not control the issuance of building permits. As a result, the Portuguese market was not saturated, so the property was not overvalued, "the expert explained. And in Italy, strict building rules of the coastal strip did not lead to such a notorious consequences, as in Spain, writes Evromag. Therefore, since the crisis began real estate in Italy fell by 20%. "In Spain, the fall in property prices in some areas reached 60%," he added.

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