According to Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On main principles of state supervision (control) in the area of ​​economic activity ," March 28, 2012 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine accepted the decision № 259 "On approval of the criteria by which to assess the degree of risk from the economic activities in the housing sector and is determined by the periodicity implementation of the planned activities of state supervision (control) . "

These are set out in the annex to the government document. According to the decree, we are talking about the following criteria: technical state of buildings and surrounding territory, are maintained, providing services in content management of buildings, structures and adjacent areas, as well as a technical inventory of real estate. In accordance with the criteria established business entities relate to one of three levels of risk - high, medium and minor. For business entities with a high degree of risk include entities providing emergency services on the content, or dilapidated buildings, structures and their surrounding territory, or exercise management. In addition, they engaged in business activities related to household waste. For business entities with an average risk include the entities providing services on the content of buildings, structures, non-emergency or dilapidated, and its surrounding territory, and carry out management, engaged in business activities of cleaning and snow removal, sanding of the local area, designed for passage and transportation, anti-icing mixtures. They also provide technical inventory of real estate. For business entities with little risk include subjects that do not meet the criteria of economic entities with high and medium risk. Gosarhstroyinspektsiya should monitor the farms at high risk more frequently than once a year, with an average - not more often than once every 2 years, with little - no more often than once every three years.

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