Housing and the banks do not have enough resources, and a lot of requests from the public

Participants in the program loan today admitted that its implementation is not enough resources or banks that agreed to participate in the program or real estate developers that are willing to sell at a price no higher than 7 thousand USD per square meter. Experts believe that these factors pose a threat to the first phase of the program delivery to the end of 2012 preferential mortgage loans at least the first 30 thousand customers, according to "Kommersant-Ukraine." The number of applications from those who want to get a cheap mortgage is twice the housing proposed by the developers. Now on 6177 filings represent only 3867 flats, the newspaper writes. "Some of them are in distressed objects that are not being completed, and there is a risk that they will not be put into operation. Each week, the number of apartments is increasing, but no new construction to meet the demand can not be recognized today, director of government programs and the implementation of the Housing Development Department for Regional Development, Construction and Housing, Alexander Forgetful. Now there are 1, 5 hectares of land, where you can begin to build affordable housing. " Moreover, despite the fact that the state budget 2012 envisages allocation of UAH 1 billion to compensate for 13% of the 16 interest rate credit hryvnia resource for the issuance of mortgage banks have to look for yourself. "To learn one billion USD, budgeted, it is necessary to the end of the year to give credit to 25 billion USD," Director of the Department has calculated foreign exchange reserve management and implementation of open market operations of the National Bank Alexander Dubihvost. The official NBU did not dare to doubt the ability of banks to find and give a sum of loans, but acknowledged that the mortgage portfolio of Ukrainian banks is now 50, 9 billion UAH. Executive Director of the Ukrainian National Mortgage Association Matiyash Paul explained that, based on the amount of compensation to 1 billion USD by the end of the year "to give mortgages to 10 billion USD." However, only two institutions Oschadbank and Ukrgasbank, both controlled by the government, expressed their desire to lend the purchase of affordable housing on a national scale. Seven more banks have agreed to a minimum participation in the program only in some regions. An equally important problem is the lack of assurance that the Government will from year to year in the budget required to reserve funds. Mr. Matiyash notes that only issued in the current year credits in the next 15 years the state will need to pay 15 billion UAH of compensation. If in 2013 to continue issuing new concessional loans, will require a corresponding increase in budget expenditures. "Over time we will go out for lending to 100,200 thousand families every year," said Mykola Azarov previously. "For banks, this means the risk of getting in next year's huge portfolio of insolvent borrowers who will have to return the money to him beyond the 3% and at 16%, so they do not want to participate in this, says Paul Matiyash. Some say they are willing to lend to a point in some regions, but most likely it means that the bank's portfolio is unfinished, and he wants to solve this problem by transferring it from the corporate to the retail portfolio. " According to the deputy chairman of the Oschadbank Anton Tyutyunov, even the customers themselves are not sure that the compensation of the State will operate throughout the term of service credit, so do not rush to apply to banks.

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