140708-192922-1624 [1] .jpg Renovated apartment "turnkey" - a repair the entire apartment from the beginning to the end. The most common this kind of repairs in buildings. After all, the developer is not always conscientious in the construction of a house. Often, an apartment in a modern house has an uneven wall, many flaws in the installation of windows (it's worth noting that Windows developers always choose not very good quality to save), and the doors and so on. Buyer, usually thinks that if he bought an apartment in a new building, he of anything not to think, because the customer will do everything. It is a profound mistake. It is clear that in such situations and there is a kind of repair "turnkey". Such repairs can be done independently, and can be accessed in specializing firm. If you have the desire to do everything yourself, it's a great outlet when there is no extra money. It should be noted that services companies are not very cheap and use their services, not everyone can. Although the quality of work will be at the highest level. More remarkable, and the fact that if you decide to make repairs from scratch, you will need to learn many techniques for such repairs, read a bunch of books available to the prices of construction materials and to purchase them. Of course, if you have experience in the repair of "turnkey", then it will not make you any work. The range of works of repair of apartment "turnkey" includes a number of processes, such as installation of electrical wiring, installation of plumbing, laying flooring, trim and ceiling slopes, replacement windows, aligned walls, installing partitions and other work. It is worth noting that the work does not end on a purely technical level, you also need to exercise your imagination and be able to execute the plan. To help you in this and other professionals can, for example, the designer. Its services are also highly paid. Learn more about the repair of apartments "turnkey" on our website profirem.com.ua/remont-kvartir-pod-klyuch, which gathered a lot of useful and valuable information.

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