There are many types of turnstiles, the choice depends directly on its tasks. Recently, very popular Rotary turnstiles.

There are quite a few varieties of turnstiles, created for the security of staff and visitors to the premises. Depending on the objectives and financial possibilities of the customer selects the most appropriate options, are able to provide the comfort, privacy and simplify the work of employees. Recently gaining popularity rotary turnstile, price and quality of which is a pleasant surprise even the most demanding customers. Rotary turnstiles consist of small blades attached to a vertical column. Post rotates when moving person, thereby skipping one in each room. The design of the rotor blades of the turnstile provides continuous or single horizontal bar. Choosing the turnstiles, rotary draw your attention to the ability to generate the necessary amount of runs in different size rooms, find models with handrails and docking sections to create the original configuration, the batteries work in the absence of electricity. Due to its versatility (there Waist High and Full versions) and affordable prices rotor turnstiles are equipped with a set of buildings - from major financial institutions to simple hostels. [635x165xwkhabmklehmxqvatbx6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wVqW7pEeMI.jpg] When you select rotary turnstiles worth special attention paid to the manufacturer and the installer. Often, this type of turnstiles requires constant supervision specialist, because in case of failure the control room will be impossible. The best option is to choose a company that combines the installation of turnstiles and their delivery to Ukraine. The market leader is turnstiles company Alutech, production Belarus. They have gained popularity due to affordable, high-quality materials, robust construction and a variety of design options, allowing to fit the interior of any premises. Alutech is the official supplier, which is also responsible for the installation of equipment, service of the systems manufactures, corrects the fault on the spot. But you can buy the turnstiles and other firms that meant increasing competition can offer cheap Chinese counterparts are not able to serve even years. The absence of warranty and the inability to contact the production company the main problem of modern small companies that offer installation of turnstiles. Thus, the rotor turnstiles are the best security system in the world turnstiles. Affordable, stylish, original, different price categories and components, they are able to provide the security-pass into the room.

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