It's no secret that change the look and mood of the usual interior easiest
with textiles. The undoubted advantages of this material - its relative
cheap ( at least compared to purchasing new furniture )
as well as the richness of textures and colors.

However, the use of textiles is justified not only in material or
aesthetic point of view, and practical. Remember, the curtains are always
used to protect against drafts, dust, excessive sunlight,
and unwanted views from the street. Spring odezhki your domaVozmozhnosti
the use of textiles in the house is truly inexhaustible. This versatile material
can be used for walls, upholstery, windows and door decor
openings of numerous screens and panels, decorative pillows, blankets
and blankets. As a rule, modern manufacturers offer the multicast
Compound collections of home textiles, in which all tissues are combined
with each other, usually a fabric (with a more complex pattern) is dominant,
others seem more succinct. In this case the interior fabric partners can not
only rotate on different planes, but use them as a fringe,
braid, used as an applique or patchwork technique. And because
collection consists of professional designers focus on tissue-companions
from one meeting - the easiest way to choose new home "odezhki."
However, even in this case the selection is best done not in a hurry, but at home,
where you can invite a specialist from the samples of fabrics and in a calm atmosphere
try all the colors and textures to existing interiors. According to designers,
The most popular today are eco-friendly materials: linen different
texture with the addition of natural fibers, organic cotton, fine silk
in the style of a village naive. To place a window in a light spring-summer
style designers also recommend the use of monochromatic organza, safely
combining it with the listed tissues. And as the curtains - it is usually
primary textile chord in the interior, we shall consider them in detail.
In the window dressed equally important role played by texture and structure of the tissue. The first
creates a peculiar decorative effect due to the play of light and shadow
interwoven strands, thereby, the color becomes more complex and deep,
and tone - soft and velvety. Speaking of fashion colors,
the most relevant still pastels: a combination of lettuce,
delicate, like an herb or a mustard-yellow with sweet apricot
and a little cold lemon shades. However, it is less in demand pearl-gray,
aquamarine, purple and turquoise colors. But remember: even the most sophisticated
tissue to create a complete image of the window is usually enough.
Designers are always recommended to set off its accessories or decoration. As
framing can be used, for example, metallic organza ribbon,
decorated with flowers and berries bulk. To support a spring theme and
help-clip clothespins in the form of leaves, which retain the curtain on the ledge
and at the same time give a simple piece of fabric decoration. As
Holders can use finish strung on a string of colored glass
beads. Quite on the season and will now fashionable embroidery using
glass beads and rhinestones, lace or elegant method printovoy printing. Spring
odezhki your domaPonyatno that the new curtains to fit into already
existing interior. But is it so easy as it seems at first sight?
Color, density, texture and pattern of fabric you will need to be linked with the appointment
space, its size, lighting, interior decoration, furniture, nature
its trim and ornamentation on the carpets. The combination of color curtains and the rest of the interior
can be built on two principles: nyuansnom and contrast. In the first case
color preferably chosen so that the room has been solved in the same coloristic
key. In this case some one of the colors should dominate and the rest
complement it, in harmony with each other combined. Contrast method says
for itself: the overall color palette should be diluted at least several
bright accents. Any interior is extremely well and complements stitched
from the same cloth summer furniture covers, tablecloths and cushions.
By the way, covers for pillows, bedspread and valance on the bed is always better to sew
of complementary fabrics, otherwise you risk making your interior
too gaudy unassumingly. And if the winter is most urgent to bring into the interior
intense warming tone, on the threshold of spring most urgent task
designer becomes a "let nature in the house." Make it work, for example,
small floral print fabric or composition of Provençal in pastel
tones. Such textiles is particularly good in the design of the table - in combination
with fine bone china it will fit well into the atmosphere and celebrations
reception, and touching girls' get-togethers. By the way, even choosing
material and style for the tablecloth, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.
For example, richer texture and brighter color Tacna, the easier it should be cut.
In addition, the tissue with a large figure look better in large rooms,
whereas modest floor space will be visually reduced.

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