Today it is hard to imagine a comfortable life in their own homes without
those already familiar amenities like running water, bathroom, toilet. Even here must
Add the normal sewage system. Otherwise, wastewater can be a serious
problem ...

Bacteria help According to experts, to effectively address
discharge of domestic waste water from a private home is to install on the farm
individual site underground treatment plant. Today
use two basic technologies for wastewater treatment. They are similar in that
that include biological waste treatment microorganisms,
but they differ in methods of organization of this process. In the so-called. aerobic systems
Cleaning the air supply are utilized with some types of bacteria in anaerobic
systems where recycling of organic matter occurs without oxygen,
- Others. In fact, in the first case there is a natural decomposition
organics in the second - forced. Note that the technology allows aerobic
purify wastewater by 95-98%, that is, the output is almost pure
water is colorless and odorless, which you can water plants, wash the tracks and
etc. When using anaerobic technology drains are cleaned in two stages:
first 65-70% (first stage) and then sent for purification in
seepage field (second stage). In general, aerobic systems are more complex
by design, but compact. Anaerobic systems such as simple, but
require a lot of space: for arranging the field of filtration area is needed
1-2 weave (where digging the pit to a depth of at least 2, 5 m, to fill it with sand
and gravel, and then to pave it drains). But in any case
from the kitchen and bathrooms wastewater primarily fall into the septic tank (special
capacity for accumulation of wastes), where they undergo biological treatment
- Full or partial. The minimum amount is calculated based on the septic tank
of three times the daily water consumption. Regulations on the average consumption for
per person is 150 liters per day. Consequently, for a family of
four or five people is enough septic tank capacity of 2 cu. m. In fact
This figure may be higher if we are talking about homes with multiple bathrooms,
swimming pools, etc. However, experts say, is very roomy decanter
also useless, because the normal functioning of the system in which
is dominated by bacteria, it is necessary that certain microorganisms have been
number of "food." Otherwise, may not work properly. Often, in order to
improve the process of cleaning septic tank separated by transverse
partitions into two or three cameras. Or consistently connect two or
three-chamber tank. As a rule, single-chamber tanks used
at a flow rate of water up to 1 cu. m per day, two-compartment - up to 5 cu. m / day., three-compartment
- More than 8 cubic meters. m / day. Septic tanks should be strong and tight, so
make them from plastic, metal or concrete. Concrete waste tank
is a well (solid or constructed of standard concrete
rings). Perhaps the greatest shortcoming of such a tank - its solid
weight, which certainly complicates the process of installation. Also have to spend money
for waterproofing. Therefore, as an alternative to today released polymer
and steel septic tanks. Tanks made of polystyrene or polypropylene pretty cheap
easy and simple to install. They are usually mounted on a concrete foundation
(So ​​as not to deform under pressure of the soil). Steel Septic Tank
durable plastic, but much heavier and, therefore, to set them
required crane. In addition, iron is known to be susceptible to corrosion, and
no treatment will not save here. A tank from the "steel" - too expensive
pleasure. The truth, experts say, there is recent
Septic tanks from GRP. As well as plastics, they are easy, not
fear of corrosion, very affordable. But in this case of strength close to
to steel. The process of recycling organic matter proceeds best
at sufficiently high temperatures, it should not be permitted too
strong cooling septic tank in the cold season. Usually over the septic tank
placed a layer of soil with a minimum thickness of 50-60 cm right approach How
According to experts, unfortunately, the domestic development of individual
treatment facilities do not exist. Because all of the treatment of domestic
wastewater for private houses, which are in our market - imported goods.
This is primarily German, Lithuanian, Czech and French systems.
It is true that such equipment has recently been produced in Ukraine, but
under a foreign brand. Thus, the market leader
take a few manufacturers ("Ecoline", "Biotal", "Juventa groups"
В«TriadensВ»), having an extensive dealer network throughout the country. Yuri Savinkina,
Director of "High Tech": - It should be noted that such equipment
quite expensive in the short term is unlikely to be cheaper. Prices
the wastewater treatment plants operating in the aerobic technology, will start from 2-2, 5
thousand euros (depending on the manufacturer). This price is the minimum
for the product in the delivery, with a sump at 1-1, 5 cu. m. According to
experts, if necessary, individual wastewater treatment plants can be built
complex, based on several houses. In principle, this solution allows
homeowners save up to 40%. However, choosing the location for the septic tank,
should be borne in mind that according to sanitary norms distance from home
to sump (drain fields) shall be a minimum of five meters,
and to the nearest water intake (well, well) - no less than 25-30 m Ruslan
Urakov, an engineer, a specialist in biological wastewater treatment systems: - The design
domestic waste water treatment systems must consider not only economic,
but a purely technical factors. Reducing the cost - a good thing. But
are of great importance as the effectiveness and reliability of the system, which requires
qualifications from artists design and installation work. So
way, the project home sewer is best to order in a specialized
firm, which according to local conditions to develop an appropriate scheme
layout and equipment. Also, before starting the construction of treatment facilities
developers are obliged to coordinate the district sanepidemstantsii site challenged
under construction, and site of the spillage of treated sewage. It should be noted
that self-registration of all necessary papers for the construction of
- Employment is very troublesome, and quickly cope with this problem by professionals.
Here the best option - installation of the entire system "turnkey". This will allow
to avoid the annoying errors and additional costs. As for preferences
consumers, then, according to experts, the demand for aerobic and anaerobic
individual sewage treatment system is approximately the same as the "plus" and "cons"
they have also approximately equal. It is also important that all firms that
sell equipment for treatment plants, in addition to the warranty (usually
warranty - 10 years), and provide service. As a rule,
experts say, there is a need to repair every 3-5 years. But
more complex equipment, the more necessary to conduct routine inspections,
after treatment systems are fully automated and equipped with sophisticated
electronics. However, it is primarily concerned with systems of the aerobic type. C
anaerobic systems are much simpler, they require little or no
service ... However, from time to time (approximately every six months)
should be removed from the septic tank sludge produced there - so-called fermented
ill. If you do not regularly do, proper sewage treatment occur
will not. In this regard, it is necessary so plan your placement treatment system,
to car-vacuum truck was able to easily drive up
to the sump. Incidentally, for the effective operation of treatment systems is very important
to a septic tank was enough bacteria. This can be achieved if, from time to time
removing silt from the tank, leave it for about 10-15% of sediment. Also, for
accelerate the process of wastewater treatment used special substance bioactivators.
They are sold as a powder or granules in banks or in boxes. Certain
dose of the tools you need to occasionally add in a septic tank or simply wash off
the toilet, where it gets to its destination. However, it should be borne in mind
that the activity of the bacteria adversely affect antibiotics, chlorine and other toxic
matter, because do not want to throw in the home sewer drugs
and harmful household chemicals.

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