Leningrad region is preparing for large-scale free distribution of land.
A resident of the area , residing in the region for at least five years, will be able to
0, 25 ha.

Free sites will be allocated from the lands of settlements, which
of about 300 hectares. According to experts, as a result of
the new law in different areas of the market can be derived
from 10 to 15% of these lands, or from 30 to 45 thousand hectares. Officials also have difficulty
say how much land can be allocated to citizens. Governor of Leningrad region
Valery Serdyukov last week reported that the bill has already been developed
free provision of land. It will be submitted to the Legislature
meeting before summer vacation or after them. It is noteworthy that under
with federal law, all land should be sold at auction.
Nevertheless, the Land Code stipulates that the subjects of the Russian Federation has the right
identify individual cases where the land can be free.
Regional officials have decided that at this level will get land for individual housing for
citizens who do not have individual houses. "This measure will be one of the ways
keep the citizens of the region. In addition, this measure does not support the most
segments of the population: all residents of the wealthy and the city and region
have already acquired land for homes. We also expect that the new bill
will reduce corruption in the field "- said a member of the Committee on Architecture
City Planning and Leningrad, Anatoly Novikov. According to the regional bill
to a free site can claim citizen with registration
in Leningrad at least five years. Land available in any settlement
in the district where the registered person. Honorary area residents, veterans
labor, citizens, awarded the Order of St. Andrew's, can
a plot on the territory of any settlement.

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