Townhouses built in a lot of time polsednee and a total weight between them
are similar. The main difference can be nazvatt - location . when people
live in a simple cottage , the neighbors almost nothing to each other
are not connected, then we have a completely different situation - all four family friends among
themselves. We have a common room, so to speak , the club of interest. There we meet,
communicate and relax after work.

Your local settlement can be called "village club"? In general, yes.
We have our own security, its own parking lot, we have our own staff,
which maintains the purity of the territory and in our homes. For Staff
built a separate house. But the center of the village is already mentioned Bath.
Life in the country confronts a man rather wide range of problems and
problems related to the operation of a country house. Challenges faced by
you personally? 8 years ago when we moved out of town, I was very afraid of
these things. Then I have little idea of ​​what its own gas boiler
proper sanitation and so on. At first it was quite difficult. Country
house - it's not just housing, but also a kind of engineering construction, which should
serve. But as it turned out, there are plenty of experts who decide
these questions. Something can be solved centrally, some locally. For example,
we have signed a direct contract with the gasman who serve our home.
Plus we have a constant operational company with which we work.
Recently, we went down the pump. A very unfortunate incident, but when
have to turn to for help, all is not so bad. All issues
solved. Residents of all major cities in the world have long realized that the time
traffic can be carried out with advantage. What do you do that would not lose
gift of precious hours and minutes? Because I travel with a driver, and I do not
are diverted to the road, I work with. Modern man must
not so much to organize the office in the car - a mobile phone connected
to GPRS and a laptop. I can quietly go about their business without worrying
that is all around. Vladimir, I would like to return directly
to your home and talk about his interiors. What style of decorated
interior? Eight years ago, it was difficult to come up with anything. And in general
can not make the repairs once and for all. I was at least twice all the tinkering
and now going into the third. I believe that housing needs to be changed frequently,
every five years at least. Why I came to this conclusion? Five
years of living morally obsolete house. If the facade of the attention
You can pay less, something about the interior do not. Roughly speaking,
fancy Italian tile eight years ago now looks quite
stupid and lame. So I had 4 years ago to make repairs, fully
change the trim and interior. I can say that I spent about
much, how much cost me the whole house as a whole. Accordingly, it is better
I would change it. As for the interior, then I have it done in the style
calm classicism. Classic furniture, nothing avant-garde. Walls
painted in neutral pastel tones. Tell us about your favorite place
in the house. The most time I spend on the third floor, it is
of a open space - a large room, about 80 square meters. Y
me there is a sofa and TV. Oh, and a library. Sometimes I take back with
a laptop, spend time at work, reading books, watching TV or
I play with a child. Vladimir, and you often come to visit? Whether you
for them to tour your home? Guests come often enough. Tour
Traditionally, starting from the first floor show room, kitchen, dining room.
Sometimes showing a bedroom, but more often limited to the first floor. A
do you think about landscape design? What is it like to your site?
You know, I'm too lazy to do landscaping. I planted a few pine trees,
already vymahal meters under three. But my neighbors have given it more
attention, made a beautiful alpine gardens, ponds, fountains, the whole thing
highlighted. So I enjoy their creation. You said that the house
should be changed every five years. Do not plan to do so in the near future?
Plan. And even already bought a new house. Our company has a project in Barvikha
village townhouses. I am planning to move there. There I bought two adjacent
unit in a townhouse that I want to combine into one. Get about 760
meters. I'm moving for two reasons. First, the residential area is always
small. Now I have 320 meters and it is not enough. But secondly, what about
I have already said - either move or change the finish again in the old
home. I chose the first option. In conclusion I would like to ask you to give
advice to buyers of suburban housing. On that first of all need to pay
consideration when choosing a home that would later be disappointed? Naturally,
each has its own needs. For example, I like the suburban settlements,
where there is a large public area. The site itself does not play for me
a major role. I do not need. I've lived out of town and realized that in our
country are not the climatic conditions when you can arrange trips on his own
site. Throw in enough high costs of landscape maintenance,
mowing grass, planting trees. I believe that it is meaningless. I need
small plot of land of 1-2 acres, put there a barbecue,
roast barbecue. But the big public area is very important. Should
be a place to go, take a stroll in the evening, with someone to talk to.

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