When the relatives left me a legacy of unfinished cottage in the suburbs
a provincial city, I regard it only as excess property
headache. I'm not going to build , sell cheap , too, did not want.
Over time, the suburbs was a very prestigious place , and there the house equates
the price for a three-room apartment in the heart of N. ..

According to local realtors, cost structure is next to the Dnieper and
in seven minutes from the city center from $ 100 thousand to $ 140 thousand has now come
time to decide - what to do with this piece of land and a good brick box?
Property to be sold. But the ways in which these funds were
few. First, we must live somewhere - go for rented accommodation is
tired. However, it wants to live on earth, not in konurke stoposlednem on the floor.
Secondly, I want to have some passive income, and preferably not from a single
source. The option of buying a car, even when moving out of town until
not considered - because of rising in price of gasoline is more profitable to use public
transport. Thus, the problem to be solved to man until the family
and homeless, with a normal salary in Kiev. Given: an unfinished cottage
in N (the approximate cost of between $ 120 thousand), a small piece of land
near Kiev (in the village, which is 50 km from the capital, the present value of about $ 40
thousand). Need: the right to dispose of liabilities and acquire housing. I want to:
live in the land to earn income from various sources, not to depend on wages,
Landlords of apartments and moods of the authorities. Option 1. Pre-retirement
and the most boring piece of land available sell under Kiev ($ 40 thousand), to invest
half of the funds in the completion of the cottage in a suburb of N. The remaining
funds put on deposit at interest, receiving $ 250 a month - than no gain
for retirement? And we move on nature - in the province as a safer and cheaper.
All the more so live for the time of completion can be made to relatives and friends,
connecting all of them and their connection to the building. Pros: need a minimum
movements, as a ready to finish the building for real money is not
represents a special difficulty. Especially with the right connections and skillful
relatives. Cons: for an active life is not an option, in the suburb
small town to raise children well, or live in retirement. Option 2. Unsure
with ways to retreat Because I myself do not know if I want to permanently
stay in Kiev, or I will pull home, and considered options
a partial retreat. For example, you sell a house in the suburbs
N, for $ 50 thousand one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city, do
in good repair it and rent for $ 300 a month. Some have no income,
and escape routes are being prepared - suddenly tired of Kiev to the extent that
want to come back. If you suddenly need a little more flat or house close
to Kiev, you can sell all together. Get nice amount of
approximately $ 200 thousand on the remaining $ 70 thousand to take credit for the 10 years of apartment
Kiev, valued at approximately $ 90 thousand and pay $ 300 monthly - you can even
of the funds that we get for putting the apartment. There and live - exclusively
on wages. But do not pay for rent. Land area is the same
and gradually increases in the price. And if you start there to build gradually, with time
You can move to a new home. Or sell the building, and for an amount clearly
not proportional to the investment. Now for the plot with an old wooden house
on the same plot of land requested $ 80 thousand, while the area without buildings
cost $ 40 thousand Pros: have accommodation in Kiev, the escape routes in the city
N and lessons for the next five years in the form of home construction. Cons: none
no income other than wages. Option 3. Active and the most optimal
Sell ​​a home in the suburbs of N and just buy a studio apartment in
Kiev for $ 80-90 thousand live there while building a house on the existing site, investing
originally about $ 20 thousand in construction. The variant in summer
live in a suburban house and apartment rent - $ 500 extra per month to anyone else
not disturbed. And in winter we moved back to town or are doing so many
Muscovites. There are now very popular in the winter to give up their apartment, and by
go ... in India. Accommodation and food there is cheap, and the heating mechanism
not needed, and the winter months under a palm tree on the beach flying faster
than under the snow-covered tree. But these are only likely at the level of dreams,
than the actual embodiments. And if you do not have enough money to build suburban
residence, you can always take a loan against the apartment. After the construction of
moving to the land, are renting an apartment. Unspent $ 20 thousand to put a deposit
a 15% annual in grivna, monthly get about $ 250. Total monthly
Passive income is now $ 750, not including salaries. And suddenly need
more flat or house close to Kiev, you can sell all together. Will
nice amount of approximately $ 200 thousand, of course, the starting amount of
$ 120 thousand to buy and two-bedroom apartment - "Khrushchev" some,
but since there is an irresistible desire to live on earth, then this option seriously
was not considered. Pros: multiply money, real estate is growing,
deposit grows, independence is enhanced. Cons: have poaktivnichat
- To build, borrow, rent an apartment, but easily, as you know ...

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