Build \u0026 Live Development completed a draft mall in Brovary. on
plot of 3 , 5 hectares , the concept of shopping and entertainment

Build \u0026 Live Development completed a draft mall in Brovary. On
plot of 3, 5 hectares, the concept of shopping and entertainment
center. The total area of ​​shopping center - 36 thousand square meters. m. The number of parking spaces - 510. SEC
will be located in the Kiev region. Brovary, at the intersection of Chkalov
Brovarsky and a bypass road, near the Great Ring Road. Future retail and entertainment
center will have a regional format, and serve the people living
in Brovary Brovary area and the left bank of Kiev. The market will offer an object
trade area (food and non-format), entertainment
(Entertainment zone, food establishments) and related areas (institution services
services) and will be presented to like the new format of the week-end - a shopping and entertainment
center for all family members, as the venue for the weekend, with the corresponding
format such zones - auto show, food, household goods, building materials,
technology; clothing, shoes, accessories, restaurant, cafe, children's area, zone
entertainment; area of ​​beauty, a bookstore. Furthermore, the future object will be
have several other advantages: • No direct competing facilities
format retail and entertainment complex in Brovary format and week-end
in Brovary and Kiev. • Good transport accessibility of the object, no
traffic jams leading out of downtown and other parts of it, a few
public transport routes, good access to other towns
points and Kiev, because of the location in the Brovarsky ring road.
• In the future, after the introduction of the new ring road and the expansion
borders of Kiev with the prospect of inclusion in Brovary feature of the capital, planned
object will have a distinct advantage because of its scale, conceptual
decision, and the quality of products and services. TRC will offer the market
well-planned scheme of zoning, and navigate the object, as well as
necessary for the consumer a variety of shopping areas. Future SC: • Consists
3 floors, each of which carries some meaning.
• Has a simple navigation scheme. • Each zone is planned with regard to the preferences
potential buyers and tenants. • Competent approach to placement
institutions of power - for maximum satisfaction of all segments of consumers.
• Proposes a set of essential services. The future shopping center will be positioned
the market as a center of commerce and entertainment for any age, taste, mood,
which offers a wide product range of quality goods and services
and entertainment.

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