If you bought a house or apartment and you will not have to participate in its
construction, then you know firsthand exactly what the repair . So,
need to understand the construction and finishing materials. If your
activities related to the sale or supply of construction and finishing
materials , then you must be an ace in the field to give his client
competent advice if necessary.

Types of building materials Building materials can be
divided into several groups: building materials directly from
which creates a building or its elements. These products include: bricks,
boards, concrete slabs. Finishing. This group can be attributed
granite slabs, composite panels, wallpaper, ceramic tile. Dry
mixtures and solutions, allowing to fix the building material at the right
place, and used to align the surface of filler,
putty, plaster, etc. Modern finishing materials was after
finish flat acquires residential appearance and facade of the building is bright
and attractive, drawing the attention of passers-by. Among the finishing materials
You can select those that are of natural origin (marble, sandstone,
limestone). Along with natural materials on the market are artificial.
It is important that the word "man" has long ceased to be synonymous with more
lower quality than the natural ones. Thanks to modern production technologies
able to obtain construction and finishing materials that are not only
not inferior to natural. They are a number of ways surpass them. For example,
for a long time for finishing the facades of the building was used only natural
stone. Today on replaced by a more durable and practical materials
- Granite or composite panels. They are more resistant to aggressive
Effects of environment and come in a large assortment of color
solutions. Varied types of steel and decorative materials. If some
Several decades ago, the universal solution for finishing the ceiling apartments
considered whitewash, and for facades - or facing a natural painting
stone, but today there are many alternatives. In everyday life includes such
thing as a ventilated façade, wall and ceilings, etc. Most
modern materials have the following qualities: Durability.
In a highly competitive market of building materials
manufacturers produce such products, which could serve for decades.
Environmentally friendly. Ecological neutrality - it is one of the main requirements
that apply to buyers of finishing materials. Most products
especially when it comes to price points, "medium" and "above average", be sure to
correspond to this parameter. Fire resistance. Modern materials
have a high threshold for flammability. Practicality. Finishing materials
presented today in stores, have excellent performance
qualities, allowing to maintain its original form, despite
effects of weather, and especially their use indoors.
Ease of installation or assembly. Even the highest quality finishing material
would not have the popularity, if it is laying or installation required costly
time and effort. This is well aware of the producers, so pay more
attention to ease of installation and maintenance products. Attractive
appearance and a wide variety of textures and colors for each
types of finishing materials offer almost unlimited possibilities
for designers. In the market of building materials have all
that may be necessary for the realization of the bravest Architectural
and design project. The hardest part - making the right choice in this
variety of brands, names, colors.

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